12 DIY noticeboards to stop the paper clutter

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Clipboard gallery wall helps prevent the paper clutter

If you can’t see your dining table past the stacks of bills, homework and last years’ Christmas cards, don’t despair! We’ve scoured the web to find the loveliest pinboards to keep you afloat amidst the paper tsunami.

Here are 12 DIY noticeboards that will not only inspire a new era of organisation but will pretty up your wall space as well.

Colour block board


Add a little colour to a plain Jane workspace with a colour block board. Great for keeping key notes handy, pinning inspirational ideas and upping the glam factor in the office. (via A Beautiful Mess)

Sweet pins


For the big kid in all of us, these DIY doughnut boards come complete with sprinkle push pins to ensure every single note stays put. Sweet! (via Paint the Gown Red)

Industrial chic

Fun noticeboards to keep on top of paper clutter.

It’s amazing what a splash of wood stain and a stroke of blackboard paint can do! This edgy, industrial number will ensure the whole family knows what’s what and who has to go where. (via Home Remedies)

Up in the clouds

Fun noticeboards to keep on top of paper clutter.

Make keeping track of the boring stuff fun for everyone with a colourful cloud cork board. The simple stripes and easy-to-cut shape make this DIY noticeboard a winner for crafternoon with the kids too! (via Paper & Stitch)

Clipboard clever

Fun noticeboards to keep on top of paper clutter.

Piles upon piles of paper at home? Here’s a very handy solution. This clipboard wall works on a  ‘one pile per person’ policy.  Simply arrange clipboards of different sizes along a wall and designate one clipboard to each family member. Organisation issues sorted. (via The Chic Site)

Clean lines

Fun noticeboards to keep on top of paper clutter.

A simple piece of wire mesh becomes a minimalist memo board – so clever! The simple lines make for a less busy workspace and the metal mesh will welcome any magnetic bulldog clips and pins. Love! (via Burkatron)

Velcro to the rescue


Thought Velcro was only here to fasten your shoes and keep your wires tidy? Oh, how wrong you were! Simply apply Velcro tape to any wall or surface then Velcro on your must-have bits and bobs. Voila! (via Brit + Co)

Fuss-free and fruity


Keep your benches and tabletops in order with a fun noticeboard the whole fam bam will want to use. These fruity pin boards will add a splash of colour to your walls and grab everyone’s attention as they head for the door. (via Tell Love and Party)

The natural look

Fun noticeboards to keep on top of paper clutter.

Repurpose an old frame with a fresh lick of paint, a roll of hessian and a ball of twine. A few staples here, some lengths of twine over there and before long you’ll have the perfect pinboard to display your keepsakes and memos. (via Funky Junk Interiors)

Crazy for cork


Cork boards come in varying shapes and sizes, and if you can’t find a shape you’re looking for – make it! Simply cut any old cork board into your desired shape with a craft knife and get painting. Top tip: painting the sides a different colour will give your board a lot more edge. (via Delineate Your Dwelling)

Homely hack

Fun noticeboards to keep on top of paper clutter.

Oh IKEA, why must everything you sell be so hackable? We love the transformation of these workhorse cork boards into a super sweet pinboard. (via Oh Everything Handmade)

So Scandi


Did you know that polyester pinboard was a thing? Don’t worry, neither did we. Turns out the felt-like material lends itself rather nicely to custom noticeboards and Scandi styling. We’ll take two sheets please! (via Craft Hunter)

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