Yikes! Harry Potter books are worth how much?!

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Early edition Harry Potter books sell for up to $77,000

Attention all Harry Potter hoarders! If you have an early edition of the magical books, you could be ‘Rowling’ in cash. As in $77,000 in cash. For. One. Book.

Check your shelves for a hardback edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, published by Bloomsbury. If your copy has a train on the cover and is written by Joanne Rowling, then you could be sitting on a rare print worth up to $77k. Celebrate with a trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Hollywood (opening soon!).

early edition Harry Potter books

Haven’t got that one? Well, how about a soft cover version of The Philosopher’s Stone or a hardback of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? They’re worth up to $12,500. It also pays to have book sets signed by J.K. Rowling…

Harry Potter books signed by J.K. Rowling

No luck? Oh well. Later editions were printed in huge quantities and won’t fund a trip to Hollywood, but re-reading the books will take you to Hogwarts. Magic!

(Images via News Corp Australia and Abebooks)

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