How to host an enchanting woodland fairy party

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Fairy party costume

We love the way our kids see magic and whimsy all around them; from fairies to pixies to cheeky lil’ elves, they understand that anything is possible – you just have to believe!

If your sweetie is hoping for a woodland fairy birthday party this year, then you’re in luck. With a wave of your magic wand, and a peek at our woodland fairy party ideas, you’ll be inspired to create an ah-mazing party for your little fairy.



Start with some whimsical fairy-themed invitations that will have everyone delighting in the magic to come. We love the use of moss in this woodland party invitation. (via Oh Happy Day)

Floral crown


These floral crowns are perfect for the Queen of the fairies and her loyal subjects. They make such a pretty decoration feature hanging from a branch, too! (via Catch My Party)

Earthy fun


A woodland fairy party calls for some earthy fun. You little fairies will have a ball getting their hands dirty as they create their own take-home pot plant. (via Magnolia Market)

Woodland wands


Your fairies will love getting their craft on as they make their own woodland fairy wands to help make their wishes come true. (via Family Crafts)

Let them eat cake


This cake, in the shape of a fairy house, is absolutely wow-worthy. And because a fairy’s abode is meant to be charmingly rustic, any baking or decorating mishaps will add to the charm! (via Betty & Peg)

Glow in the dark jars


These pretty lil’ glow in the dark jars will light the path through to the fairy garden. (via Books Coffee and Rock)

Fairy garden gift


Party goers will delight in watching the seeds turn into pretty flowers for fairies to play on with this sweet party favour. (via Evermine)

DIY toadstools


Get your craft on and whip up these adorable felt toadstool mats to keep fairy tooshies comfy. (via Hostess With The Mostess)

Chocolate fairy bread


What’s better than fairy bread? Fairy bread pimped out with Nutella. Gimme! (via Polkadot Prints)

Party food


There are so many options for delish treats at a woodland fairy party. Chocolate dipped pretzel sticks, fruit stamped out in the shape of flowers and these super easy strawberry ‘mushrooms’. (via Party Ideas UK)

Balloon Archway


The guests will know they’ve arrived at party headquarters when they see this stunning balloon archway. Fairies only from this point on! (via Design Dazzle)

Tutu tutorial

Fairy party costume

Follow this easy tutorial to whip up your own gorgeous no-sew woodland fairy costume. (via DIY Network)

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