10 life hacks every parent with toddlers needs to know

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10 parenting hacks you need to know | Mum's Grapevine

We love any little hints and tips that help smooth this parenting life. And so when we stumbled upon these ingenious parenting hacks we had to share! Now we can’t fathom a life without them.

Here are 10 brilliant parenting hacks to top up your trick bag!

No more lock ins

Place a rubber band over door knobs to prevent toddlers getting trapped in rooms | Mum's Grapevine

Toddlers can lock themselves in a bathroom so easily, but it is even easier to solve the problem! Take a rubber band, twist it in a figure-eight between the door knobs and ta da! No more trapped toddlers. (via Twenty Two Words)

Scare away those monsters

Monster spray parenting hack

Are your kiddos spooked by monsters lurking under the bed and in dark wardrobes? Banish them with monster spray! Trust us – it’s a real thing. You can convince your kids by purchasing the real deal from Lakeland Design. Or DIY your own concoction!

Glitter, the gift that keeps on giving


Use a lint roller to pick up spilt glitter

Ahh glitter! So sparkly and pretty, so sweet and fairy dusty! So EVERYWHERE. Grab a lint roller (like this one from IKEA) and remove the fairies’ curse with ease. (via Life Hack)

Lost and found

Phone number bracelets for keeping kids safe | Mum's Grapevine

This bracelet is perfect for when your darling is old enough to know what to do if they are lost, but too little to remember that huge mobile phone number. Easy to make and even easier to buy. Beads. Elastic. Done. (via Etsy)

Clean up on the road

Parenting hack - hanging a shoe organiser over the back of the seat for car trips | Mum's Grapevine

Going on a road trip? Or even just a trip to the supermarket? Store all the essential bits and pieces at arms reach and have happy travellers all trip long. (via Martha Stewart)

Stop peeking!

Parenting hack to help toddlers hold playing cards - use a clothes peg | Mum's Grapevine

When they are ready to play the game, but not quite ready to hold the cards, you need anti-peek solutions! We love this peg trick or you could try the Rolls Royce card holder – an upside down egg carton with slits. (via No Time for Flashcards)

Find the right tie

Use a shower curtain rings to keep hair ties organised

Where do all the hair ties go? Let us know if you work it out. In the meantime, trap those cheeky elastics with shower curtain rings! (via Forever, Always & No Matter What)

Squeaky clean

Parenting hack - Clean up plastic figures in the dishwasher

After a tough day of playing, toys need a bath too. Rid them of all that residual dirt and sand after the day’s adventures by whizzing them through the dishwasher. (via Buzzfeed)

Use your noodle

Parenting hacks

The humble pool noodle turns hero with this simple hack. Protect your tot’s pinkies from the dreaded door jam by simply making a cut half way through a short length of noodle and fitting it onto the door. Done! (via Life Hack)

Don’t slip up

parenting hacks

Does your toddler skid around like Tom Cruise in Risky Business? Halt the slide by dotting some puff paint on their socks. Relax and marvel at the lack of indoor skating. (via Life Hack)

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