18 superhero cakes for ultimate party power

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Our favourite superhero cakes

Birthday celebrations bring out the superpowers in all of us. There’s the dress-ups, game-playing and – of course – the mighty cake-eating powers!

When it’s time to celebrate your mini marvel in superhero style, we’ve got their birthday cake covered. Here are our favourite superhero cakes guaranteed to save the day.

Avengers Assemble

Avengers birthday cake

Assemble the world’s best superheroes – it’s time for cake. (via Sweet Lab by Tamara Marcano)

Have a Wanda-ful birthday

Scarlet Witch Birthday Cake

Making things simple with the right colours and a FunkoPop doll, Scarlet Witch (or any character you have on hand) is sure to bring the magic. (via Victoria Davis)

I am Groot

Groot birthday cake

Everyone loves a chocolate flake and they’re the perfect ‘tree-like’ pairing for this Groot cake. (via Joanne Michalek)

Birthday snap

Infinity Stone cupcakes

Just as Thanos said, “perfectly balanced, as all things should be” these are sure to be an inevitable favourite among many. (via Rosanna Pansino)

Party pump

Hulk smash superhero cake

“Don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry”. Sorry big green man, but if the end result is this fist-pump worthy party piece, we’re all in. (via Gallery Hip)

The fantastic four

Four corners superhero cake

Superheros from across the globe unite to save the world, one birthday party at a time. (via Ever So Sweet Blog)

Belt up, Bat Girl

Batgirl birthday cake

All belted-up and ready to go, Batgirl has got this birthday cake covered. (via Cakes Decor)

BANG birthday!

Superhero slogan cake

SHAZAM! Why stick with one superhero, when you could have three? Combine their favourite characters with a three-tiered super tower. (via Leonies Cakes and Parties)

Hulk smash

Hulk smash cake

Smash the party open with this great Hulk smash cake made with KitKats and sprinkles. (via Jill Degnan)

Pink powers

Pink and black Batgirl birthday cake

To the party, Robin! The customary black and yellow gets a punch of pink for one lucky bat-fan. (via The Happy Caker)

Daring duo

Four-tiered superhero cake

Oh my stars! Get the party started with gold leaf detailing, bright stars and four tiers of YUM! (via Kara’s Party Ideas)

A mighty make

Girls superhero birthday cake

There’s some serious party power in this colourful cake! We love the diamante trim for the extra WOW factor. (via Delicious Deliveries)

Mix ‘n’ match

LEGO Superhero Cake

The lego bricks, the bright blue banner and the superhero/LEGO combo – everything is truly awesome! (via Cake Me to Your Party)

Super splat!

Comic style superhero birthday cake

The city looks so pretty from up here! Comic book inspo brought to life with colourful fondant and sketch-like designs. (via Imaginarium Cakes)

Easy peasy powers

Simple superhero birthday cake

If cake-decorating is not your number one superpower, try a simple bake with super decoration. (via Chickabug)

Avengers adventures

Avengers birthday cake

Avengers assemble. Here’s a party not to be missed! Incorporate your party styling into the birthday cake for a flawless (and fabulous!) look. (via Spaceships and Laserbeams)

The caped crusader

Superhero cape cake

With great power comes great responsibility. And a great cake too! (via Hot Mamas Cakes)

Costume and colours

Easy no-layer superhero cake

They may be busy saving the world, but there’s always time for cake. Especially rainbow cake. (via Betty Crocker)

Squiggly line

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