Creative play with Treehouse Blocks

Treehouse Blocks unlock children's imaginations

The best types of toys are those that unlock our children’s imaginations. They are toys that can last for years and be passed from sibling to sibling to be rediscovered again.

Treehouse blocks are one of those very special toys. Recycled timber from fruit trees has been carefully sanded to produce a beautiful set of natural, non toxic wooden shapes. They could be stacked or counted, fried like fat sausages in a play kitchen or used to build that perfect fairy hiding place.

They have been designed with the Steiner principles in mind which means they are set to allow imaginations to run wild. 36 pieces in a calico bag, with the added deliciousness of that amazing natural timber smell, this simple toy is on our list for hours of not so simple play.

Available from Honeybee ($93.50)