Do the dino stomp at Bathurst Adventure Playground!

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Bathurst Adventure Playground_header

Bathurst Adventure Playground

Dinosaurs are always a hit and Bathurst Adventure Playground is designed with the junior dino hunter in mind. Situated in Victoria Park, this playground doesn’t just have ‘adventure’ in its name, it’s in its bones!

Getting there
Victoria Park
Corner of Durham and Hope Streets
Bathurst NSW 2795

Bathurst Adventure Playground

Kids of all ages and abilities will have fun unearthing the action at this play space and letting their imaginations loose. The dual flying fox, large slide, rock wall and climbing web will appeal to older kids, and the working sundial is a fun (and tricky) way to tell the time without a watch.

Bathurst Adventure Playground

There’s lots for littlies to enjoy too. One flying fox has a seat so that younger kids can enjoy the ride, and they’ll be kept busy with a double toddlers’ slide, swings, an open cubby house, a big sandpit with water spout, rockers and musical deck notes that are built for stomping. Dino stomping, that is.

Afterall, it’s the DINOSAUR THEME that has us (and the kids) most excited about this park.

Bathurst Adventure Playground

Smaller kids won’t believe their eyes when they come face-to-face with prehistoric creatures and foot-to-foot with dino tracks!

Following the huge footprints is fun for everyone, and “hold onto your palaeontologist hats!” when a dinosaur roar booms out of the undergrowth, or a bone is excavated in the sandpit!

Bathurst Adventure Playground

It’s fun to hide from imaginary t-rexes and ‘real’ crocodiles in the wooden maze, then venture out for an exhilarating dino hunt. You can almost hear George Pig whispering, “Dine-saw!” as the kids leap along a clutch of supersized dino eggs or stampede over stones.

One last thing.

It’s not exactly the Ice Age, but Bathurst does have a climate of extremes. It’s often red hot in summer and freezing cold in winter, so the usual precautions apply (sunscreen and beanies depending on the conditions).

Whatever the temperature, though, dinosaurs are cool and this park is too!

Bathurst Adventure Playground

Park open 24 hours a day

Street parking available 

(images via Ric McConaghy Playspaces)

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