15 cool and quirky kids beds

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Settling the kids at night can be a tad tricky, but having a cool kids bed they can hibernate into can make all the difference (for them and you!).

To help get your little sleepyheads begging for bedtime, we’ve found 15 of the coolest, quirky kids beds that will have them hitting the hay in no time.

Down to the woods

tree house loft bed
Heading to bed? Nope, they’re heading down to the woods for an adventure. Great space saver for small homes because the play area can be found just under the bed. (via Euro Style Lighting)

A modern cocoon

Rock climbing bed

All bases are covered with the bed below and an awesome reading nook up top. For a bonus bit of cool factor, your kidlets can rock climb their way to the top level! (via Bolig Pluss)

Home sweet home

House shaped bed

This house-shaped number sleeps two and has a heap of much-needed storage built into the steps – genius! (via This Modern Life)

Fit for a princess


All the minions will bow down to the princess as she heads to sleep in this ah-mazing set-up. (via Modern Minimalist)

Treehouse fun

DIY treehouse bed

A treehouse in your kidlet’s bedroom… there is no greater awesomeness as far as kids are concerned! (via The Slow Life)

Are you ready?

Wrestling bed

Wrestling fanatics will need no encouragement from ‘The Enforcers’ to head to bed with this cool number. (via Snap Guide)

Vroom Vroom

DIY car bed

A white IKEA bed and a few strategically placed decals and your lil’ man will be begging for his license to sleep. (via Design Dazzle)

All hands on deck

Boat beds

Sail away on a holiday to Sleepytown with these extraordinary boat-shaped beds. (via Home Designer Ideas)

World Cup Fever

DIY soccer bed

You’ll be kicking a goal in the parenting stakes if you present your football-loving kid with one of these beds. (via Click Interiors)

Pretty pastels

Pastel green kids bed frame with fairy lights

This pastel concoction is perfect for the girly-girl. It’s pretty, dreamy and low to the floor for kidlets who are new to a big bed. (via Fraldas & Rabiscos)

To the tractor!

DIY tractor bed

Go excavating for sweet dreams with this clever tractor bunk bed. (via The Owner Builder Network)

Colourful cubby

Cubby bunk bed

Perfect for the family who need to squeeze a couple of kids in the one room. (via Design Milk)

Hide and sleep

Hide and seek bunk bed

Talk about maximising your space; this nifty fitout really makes the most of the room with a play area built in up top. (via Leiliving)

Teepee bed


Your kiddo will lose their mind over the idea of nightly camp outs in this clever Teepee kids bed. (via Domayne)

Holy Chewbacca!

Pottery Barn Kids Star Wars Bed

Star Wars fans will be counting down to bedtime just so they can head out on their very own intergalactic adventure in this iconic Millennium Falcon spacecraft bed from Pottery Barn. Be warned though, the $5,459.00 price tag may send your credit card balance skyrocketing as well!

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