The adorable toy plushies promoting organ donation

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kids organ transplant campaign toy

Rough and tumble playtime can leave plush toys a little worse for wear, but an organisation in Japan has come up with a creative way to mend much-loved plushies and raise awareness about organ donation at the same time.

toy donate elephant

The ‘transplant of toys’ campaign from Second Life Toys asks the public to donate plush toys that have been loved to bits, but are now past their playtime. Parts from these ‘donor’ toys are then used to repair ripped, torn and busted ‘recipient’ toys.

Whether the recipient plush is waiting for a new trunk or a fresh flipper, this campaign is a brilliant way to give sick toys the parts they need and to highlight the value of organ donation.

kids organ donation toy donate

Japan has an especially low rate of organ donation (only 2% of the people on transplant lists will receive an organ transplant each year) and Second Life Toys shows children and grown-ups how important organ donation is.

It also creates some Pinterest-worthy plush hybrids! A squirrel tail becomes an elephant’s trunk, boxing monkey arms become bear paws and a narwal gets a deer’s ear. All the better for listening with!

kids campaign toy donate

kids toy organ transplant campaign

And as a cute touch, those who donate a toy receive a thank you letter from the recipient (after all, it’s much easier to write cards with a lovely new paw!).

To give a donor toy or receive a plushie transplant, see Second Life Toys.

(h/t Bored Panda and Rocket News 24)

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