Wheelie fun!

Unirider ride-on by Mountain Buggy

Run away to the (pretend) circus on a Unirider!

This one-wheeled, stroller-alternative looks a bit like the love child of a unicycle and a push-trike and will have you and your kiddo clowning around all over town.

Unirider is the brainchild of a UK dad, Simon Langham, who worked with Mountain Buggy to bring his vision to life. The result is an ingenious way to keep tots’ bots on seats. Even the wriggliest toddler will stick to the Unirider – not because it’s sticky, but because it’s so much fun to ride on!

Mountain Buggy's new toddler bike you can jog behind
With a grown-up pushing and a pint-sized passenger sitting, it’s a zippy way to get from A to B to C. Mountain Buggy says parents can even jog with it, using one hand to push, which definitely seems like it would take some advanced steering skills and a strong forearm.

But go for it, if you’re brave!

Unirider isn’t just a bumblebee-bright way to get around, though. It also helps develop kiddy’s balance and confidence. They get the independence of wind in their hair (front, back and sides), and you get to keep hold of the handle!
Unirider product shot

All in all, the Unirider is lightweight and will take on all terrain. Plus, it keeps your tiny acrobat comfy, with two foot positions (for different ages) and a seat that shouldn’t shake up their lunch.

So if you two are working on a make-believe circus act, drop the juggling balls and assemble a Unirider!

Available in Australian from Mountain Buggy ($119).