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Instagram style Seventies 1970

Sometimes, a good dollop of nostalgia is exactly what you need. And this week’s instagram fave gives us a delicious dive right back into the 70s. Start scrolling and you’ll be transported, hearing the strains of a Stones lyric and imagining your skinny jeans flaring at the knee.

With 164,000 followers, 70sbabes celebrates everything rad about that decade – the fashion (hot pants and faux fur!), the music (David Bowie and Diana Ross!), the shows (Farrah Fawcett and Lynda Carter!) and the art (Andy Warhol and cans of soup!)

So embrace the nostalgia and get some style inspo from icons like Bianca Jagger, Debbie Harry and Cher. Not to mention Wonder Woman. And watch out kids, mum’s about to bust out some dance moves circa 1976.

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Wonder Woman ruled the world

A photo posted by @70sbabes on

Posters rocked

A photo posted by @70sbabes on

Angels were Charlies

A photo posted by @70sbabes on

Sally could fly

A photo posted by @70sbabes on

Bond girls…

A photo posted by @70sbabes on

Jeans were hip

A photo posted by @70sbabes on

Debbie was the queen of cool

A photo posted by @70sbabes on

There was nothing Lynda couldn’t do

A photo posted by @70sbabes on

Roller-skates and hot pants were the norm

On wheels

A photo posted by @70sbabes on

And this was everywhere…


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