Insta Crush: Mariesaba fun food art

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Instagram food art

Wielding an alphabet cookie cutter and dough, Marie Saba is making food art with a funny, punny twist. Prepare for a giggle!

Marie Saba is a whizz with food and kids will love wrapping their jaws around her shark sandwich n’ soup, corny Homer Simpson and rocketty Oscar the Grouch. 

However, it’s Marie’s food phrases that are real genius. Using edible letters and other simple ingredients, she’s plating up the most delicious plays on words. Think: ‘Don’t ever give up’ featuring a doughnut and ‘Fleetwood Mac’ with a spoonful of mac’n’cheese. It’s cheesy all right!

Other highlights include, ‘float like a [butter]fly’, ‘you are a [pizza] work’, ‘[roll] with the punches’, ‘you can be my [chicken wing] man’, and ‘let’s [taco] about love’ …

On the celebrity side of things, ‘Kevin [bacon]’ (of course!) is joined by ‘David Beck[ham]’, ‘[okra] Winfrey’, ‘Celine [Dijon mustard], ‘[pea] Diddy’, ‘Britney [asparagus spears]’ and more.

Ahhh, so many winning word recipes. Do you think we could put in an order for ‘Mum’s [grape]vine’?!

Follow @mariesaba and give her shark sandwich n’ soup a go. It’s chompalicious.



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