Online study: 6 reasons why it’s a perfect match for mums

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The internet is the best invention ever (yes, even better than sliced bread) and it has opened up a world wide web of opportunity. Pretty much everything is easier thanks to the online revolution, and this includes further education for mums. No matter where you’re based (the nursery?) or what your schedule looks like (unpredictable?) online study is available to you. Just get connected and go for it!

There are lots of online study options, and a great all-rounder is the Bachelor of Business offered by Martin College. Whether you want to work at the top end of town or launch a home-made cookie business, this online course will help make your dreams a reality.

And whatever your direction, here are 6 reasons why online study is a fab course of action for mums.

1. Perfect timing

One of the best things about online study at Martin College is that you can start your course any time you like. So if you’d like to begin when the kids go back to school, then that’s fine. Or if you’d like an auspicious start date, like December 4 (International Cookie Day), then that’s great too!

2. Zero commute

The wheels on the bus go round and round, but that doesn’t mean you need to go along for the ride. With online study, there’s no commute – just sit down at your desk and zip into cyberspace, no matter how far you live from campus. This means you’ll save time (goodbye traffic jams), save money (no more fares and fuel) and save energy. Yay!

3. The right balance


There’s no doubt that mums are busy, and balancing family life, work (paid and unpaid) and that rare commodity called ‘me time’ can be a delicate business. However, the joy of online study is that it fits in with your hard-won life-work-leisure balance. Studying when you like and where you like means you can fit your education in around your family schedule.

Plus, a business degree teaches you how to balance competing schedules once your study is over and business begins. So life won’t just be a balancing act, it’ll be a balancing reality.

4. Go your own way

By the time you’ve become a parent, chances are, you know what you like and how you like to get stuff done – whether you’re a multitasking mama or enjoy focusing on one thing at a time. And online study is totally behind you on this. It’s a great fit for independent learners and you’re the boss.

5. Pace yourself


Whether you take it slow or go, go, go, online study lets you set the pace that suits you. If it’s been a crazy busy week, then there’s nothing to stop you taking a breather, and if you’re feeling energised, then go for it! Choose your own speed – turtle, hare or mama bear.

6. Bend the rules


If your kids are at school, then they’re probably thriving on the traditional classroom structure. Little people learn a lot from being with their peers in an actual classroom, complete with lunch bells and school rules. Fast-forward a couple of decades, though, and the old school classroom structure might not suit your needs.

Studying online means you can take breaks when you need them, sit where you like and engage with staff and other students in a flexible and thoroughly modern way. And if you want to wear your pyjamas, no one will ever be the wiser.

Sound good?

Martin College on home office

If all this has whet your appetite for online study (and that cookie business idea…) then why not explore the online learning options at Martin College?

With their online courses, you choose the course, set the start date and they’ll send you all the course materials. Assessments are submitted online, and you’ll get exactly the same student, study and career support as students on campus. The wonders of the internet mean you keep in touch with your teacher by video, instant messaging, email and phone. And sliced bread can’t do that!

This post is sponsored by Martin College

Martin College’s Bachelor of Business degrees equip you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed. Studying at Martin offers fantastic flexibility, with online and on-campus options so you can balance your family-work-study commitments.

If you would like to find out more about studying at Martin Higher Education, call 1300 762 129 to take the first step towards your new career.

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