Insta Crush: Rafael Mantesso

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Instagram art dog pet

Who let the dogs out? With a touch of Banksy, a stroke of genius and one magnificent model, @rafaelmantesso is a fabulous, furry Instagram account.

With over 500,000 followers, Rafael Mantesso isn’t the only one who’s barking mad about bull terriers! Working with his well-heeled pooch, Jimmy Choo, Rafael creates dog portraits that are original, funny and above all, beautiful. Even cat people will have to admit that Jimmy Choo has the moves and Rafael is one creative dude!

As a model, Jimmy Choo is more patient than most kids and works the camera like a professional. Whether he’s wearing a wig, patting a pig, playing the guitar, driving a car or letting Rafael draw funny pictures all around him, this dawg has a Mona Lisa smile – make no bones about it!

Follow @rafaelmantesso and get your paws on his art prints too.

Animal Print Washi Tape

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