Ciao Bambino: 23 Italian Baby Names

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As the motherland of pizza, pasta and gelato, it stands to reason that Italy would also be home to some of the most delicious-sounding baby names! And with an emphasis on repeated vowels, Italian monikers are known for rolling off the tongue in a dreamy fashion.

Here are 23 of our favourite Italian baby names for your bellissime bambini.

Italian name inspiration

Alessandro/Alessandra:  This Italian version of Alexander is one of Italy’s most popular names for boys. The feminine version – Alessandra – is also lovely and means ‘defender of men’.

Allegra: Italian fashion icon Donatella Versace chose this name, meaning ‘joy’ or ‘happy’, for her daughter.

Aria: This melodic-sounding name means ‘air’ in Italian.

Arianna: A pretty-sounding name that means ‘chaste’, you could also choose the alternative spelling, Ariana.

Aurelia: The female form of the Roman classic Aurelius, Aurelia was a very common name during Roman Empire times.

Bianca: Meaning ‘pure’ or ‘white’, this name is a lovely choice for your innocent little babe.

Dante: With a moniker that means ‘steadfast’ and ‘faithful’, this one is perfect for a loyal mama’s boy.

Elena: Meaning ‘bright, shining light,’ this name is elegant and timeless.

Francesco/Francesca: Hoping for a nature-loving tot? Consider naming them after Saint Francis, whose patronage was associated with animals and nature.

Gabriella/Gabriele: These names mean ‘God is my strength’ and carry a beautiful, spiritual significance.

Giovanni/Giovanna: These classic names mean ‘God is gracious’ and offer a timeless appeal. Giovanni can be affectionately shortened to Gio.

Ginevra: This enchanting name means ‘white shadow’ or ‘white wave’ and is the Italian form of Guinevere.

Isabella: Though quite popular, this name meaning ‘devoted to God’ is undeniably beautiful and versatile, with Bella or Izzy as cute nicknames.

Leonardo: Why not name your lil’ creative genius after one of the world’s most famous painters, Leonardo Da Vinci? Leo is a short and sweet abbreviation.

Lucca: Take your baby name inspo from one of Italy’s most beautiful Tuscan regions, Lucca.

Lucia: Pronounced with a ‘ch’ (as in, Lu-chee-ya), this European version of ‘Lucy’ has a romantic ring to it.

Luna: This sweet celestial name translates to ‘moon’ in Italian and it also happens to be the name that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend gifted their daughter.

Marco: A strong, classic name meaning ‘warlike,’ perfect for a little boy with a bold spirit.

Matteo: We love the cool European edge that this name has over the more traditional-sounding, Matthew.

Mirabella: A variation on other popular Bella-ending names, such as Isabella, Mirabella means wonderful – which it is!

Noemi: A beautifully lyrical girl’s name that means ‘my delight’.

Orlando: Usually a masculine given name, this popular name is the Italian form of the given name Roland.

Raffaele/Raffaella: These names mean ‘God has healed’ and have a lovely rhythmic quality to them.

Romeo: The most famous of Shakespearean monikers, the Beckhams chose this name for their second son.

Santino/Santina: Meaning ‘little saint,’ these names are charming choices for your precious little one.

Serafina: With the name meaning ‘ardent’ and ‘angelic’, it’s easy to see why Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck named their second daughter, Serafina.

Siena: Another name inspired by a picture-perfect Tuscan city, this name is often spelt ‘Sienna’ in Australia.

Stella: If you can look past its connection to the ‘Rocky’ film franchise, you’ll be pleased to learn that Stella means ‘star’.

Valentino: Fit for the mini charmer, a tiny tot named Valentino is sure to charm the socks off family and friends.


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