Retreads: 15 ways to re-use old tyres

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Recycle re-use tyres ladybird

After a busy life on the open road, there comes a time in every tyre’s life when they have to roll over and… become something much more exciting!

Using second-hand tyres, a spritz of spray paint and some DIY know-how, you can make furniture, flower beds and fun stuff for kids. Those old tyres are going places (and it’s not to the scrapheap). Let’s G-O!

Here are 15 ways to recycle and revitalise those tired treads.

Just swing it!

Tyre swing. How to turn tyres into fun.

Choose your colour, choose your tree and this tyre swing is almost done! Ok, there are a couple of steps in between, but you’ll soon get in the swing of this fun DIY project. (via Ella Claire)

 Ladybird coming through!

Decorate a tyre like a ladybird.

The average ladybird likes its own space, however, this tyre ladybird is a little more social. Paint on some personality, then leave it to your tyke to sit, jump and roll with their new friend. (via Kids Play Space)

Tyre-assic Park

Dinosaurs garden. Recycled tyre ideas.

Bring the dinos back from extinction with this garden idea. Fill a tyre with soil, ferns and rocks, then add some toothy terrors. Someone had better tell the fairies they’ve got new neighbours! (via Mirror)

Pet project


You won’t be chasing your tail making this pet bed. Just spray the tyre, stick pads underneath, stuff it with a round dog bed and wait for Fido to give you a paws up. (via Practically Functional)

Jungle gym re-jig

Tyres for climbing. Tyre recycling ideas.

Little monkeys will climb up this tyre ladder in a flash, then slip down the slide like it’s a banana skin! (via Exploring Domesticity)

Rocky monster!

Tyre Totter. Recycling tyre ideas.

The creators call it a ‘tire totter’ and we’re going with ‘tyre see-saw’, but everyone can agree that this homemade play apparatus is monster fun for kids! (via My Fix It Up Life)

Get a grip

Outdoor steps. Recycled tyre ideas.

Solve the case of the slippery slope with these homespun tyre steps. If you’ve got nine tyres with nothing to do, then put them to work in the yard. (via Flick)

Low cost landscaping

Using recycled old tyres as a climbing frame in the backyard.

Old tyres can be used to create cheap raised garden beds. Or you can use them for a Loch Ness Monster sculpture in your backyard. We know what your kiddos will choose! (via Money Off)

Your happy place

Tyre Garden. Ways to recycle old tyres

This planter feature is full of positives. You get to recycle a stack of tyres, use seven paint colours and find the brightest flowers ever. Ahhh, happy days. (via Lemon, Bean and Things)

An outdoor setting

Make a seat using recycled old tyres.

A tyre can also be fashioned into garden furniture. With a cushion on top, it’s a stool; minus the cushion and it’s a side table. Either way, this old tyre gets outdoors. (via DIY Enthusiasts)

Tower of power

Climbing wall using recycle tyres.

We’re going up, we’re going up, as high as our tyres will go! This climbing tower is a great add-on to a swing set. Make it sturdy and kids will power to the top. (via Blessings Overflowing)

Rock around the clock

Making a rocker with old tyres.

These single-rider rockers use one tyre between two, and are channelling the ladybirds and the bees. Add a handle for more control and let your kiddos loose! (via According to Boyle)

On trend tyres

Tyre chairs

Milk crates used to be the go-to for on the fly furniture, but we’re seeing a tyre trend. These chairs would suit any uni students’ pad, and they’re not bad for the family home either! (via Pinterest)

Take a seat (or 21)

Upcycled tyre party seats

These kids’ party seats look sweet enough to eat, but this isn’t recommended because they’re made with tyres! (via Pinterest)

Preschool garden project

The Hungry Caterpillar tyres

Hopefully this is the only very hungry caterpillar in the garden! A preschool created this sensory garden, inspired by the Eric Carle classic, and it’s a fun idea for any green space. (via The Gardening Magazine)



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