How to host a unicorn party

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Kids birthday unicorn party

Unicorns are all about magic and dreams and being special, which makes them just about the perfect idea to build a wondrous and wonderful party around. This gorgeous theme opens up a world of colour and rainbows and we get a twinkle in our eye just imagining the possibilities!

If your little one believes in unicorns, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to planning a unicorn party including our top tips for venues and some of our favourite party food ideas for your little wonders to enjoy.

So, with a sprinkle of glitter and lashings of laughter, let the magic begin.

(Images via: Little Wish Parties, Little Inspiration and The Little Umbrella)

Kids birthday unicorn party


  • Unicorns and all about imagination and being unique, so think about how you can incorporate these aspects into the party. Let your guests create some of the fun with their own dreams and ideas.
  • Unicorns and rainbows go together like birthdays and cake, so go wild with colours. It’s not often you get to invite a unicorn into your home!
  • Unicorn party directions don’t have to be tricky to make or expensive. With coloured streamers, balloons and sparkly things of all kinds you can create a party wonderland.
  • A unicorn party works just as well indoors as out, so whether you have a winter baby or a warm-weather tot, a unicorn party is a great choice.
  • Unicorn party food is sooo easy. Picture a rainbow version of just about any food and it will work. Rainbow fruit sticks, rainbow cupcakes, rainbow pasta salad and of course those crazy rainbow bagels!

(Image via Oh Happy Day)

Kids birthday unicorn party

Unicorn balloons party

(Image via Meri Meri)

Unicorn party venues…

Whether indoors or out, there are plenty of pretty possibilities for a dazzling unicorn party. If outdoors is an option, think green spaces with trees (unicorns are known to favour woodlands). Or if you’re looking to host an indoor party, then any space will do and let your decorations create the unicorn spirit.

Unicorn party decorations…

A unicorn party opens up a rainbow world of colour and theme options. You can go for bold brights to dreamy pastels, boho to ultra glam and everything in between. Unicorns are all about imagination, so let yours run free!

  • Unicorn masks
  • Fluffy white clouds
  • Rainbow garlands
  • Coloured paper rosettes
  • Unicorn balloons
  • ‘Unicorn mane’ tassel garlands
  • Disco balls – the mini versions are so sweet
  • Confetti balloons
  • Rainbow balloon arch
  • Pretty streamers or ribbons in trees
  • Colourful tissue paper pom poms
  • Floaty organza or tulle
  • Gold or silver bunting
  • Unicorn head – think ‘faux taxidermy’ style or a gorgeous glittery cut out


Unicorn party games & entertainment…

With a magical creature as the star of the show, you have so many fun options for games and entertainment. Here are some of our favourites.

  • Pin the horn on the unicorn: an obvious choice, but so much prettier than the standard donkey version! Or if you prefer pinning tails, you can make simple but sweet tails from curling ribbon or twine.
  • Decorate the unicorn’s horn: we love this activity – especially as it doubles as a take home party favour! Set up a table with all the supplies and let party guests go wild with colours, sparkles and more. Both edible (try a waffle or ice cream cone) and inedible versions work well for this game.
  • Chocolate unicorn: Try this ‘minute to win it’ style game for a bit of excitement. In 60 seconds, see how many chocolate biscuits (like Oreos) each player can stack on their forehead – like a biscuit-y unicorn horn! Children work in pairs, with one child being the ‘stack-er’ (loading up the biscuits) and the other being the ‘stack-ee’ (the one with the biscuits on their head, desperately trying to stay as still as possible!)
  • Unicorn piñata: we love Oh Happy Day’s unicorn makeover of a traditional bull piñata (like this one).
  • Toss the hoop on the unicorn horn: just like old-fashioned quoits, but more unicorn like!
  • Rainbow hunt: organise rainbow-themed scavenger hunt instruction cards for older kids or go a little crazy with rainbow yarn and create a trail for young’uns to follow (and find a surprise at the end!)
  • Unicorn rides: hire a pony for the afternoon and with the quick addition of a unicorn horn, your mini party people can take turns having unicorn rides!

Unicorn party cakes…

A unicorn themed cake can seem a little daunting, but there are loads of easy ways to creating a spectacular unicorn centrepiece. An artful sprinkle here, a rainbow over there and before you know it, you will have a cake to delight the eyes (and of course the taste buds!)

  • While a prancing unicorn may take a PhD in cake craft, a cake in the shape of a unicorn head is much more achievable
  • Decorate a beautiful unicorn horn and use it a spectacular cake topper
  • Take a normal round or square cake and simply pipe or draw a unicorn shape on top
  • Use unicorn figurines to adorn your cake
  • A rainbow layer cake or rainbow smarties capture the unicorn feel in a different way
  • Just go crazy with the rainbow sprinkles and cover the entire cake! So easy and it looks incredible
  • If you like to experiment, we think the current trend for watercolour cakes would look amazing!

Unicorn party food…

We all know that eating food in a wide variety of colours is good for your health, so taking the rainbow approach to your unicorn party food will not only look beautiful but will also tick a few health boxes too. Of course, we’ve also included sweet treats a-plenty!

  • Rainbow cupcakes (batter and / or icing!)
  • Unicorn shaped biscuits
  • Rainbow veggie pinwheels
  • Cloud cupcakes – with a puff of fairy floss on top
  • Unicorn kisses (AKA rainbow meringues)
  • Uni-corn (that’s popcorn for everyday folk)
  • Rainbow bagels
  • Rainbow pasta salad
  • Marshmallow pops dipped in sprinkles
  • Rainbow pizza
  • Rainbow fruit sticks
  • Unicorn bark: marbled coloured chocolate + sparkles = magic!
  • Choc or yoghurt dipped fruit with sprinkles
  • Sandwiches cut into unicorn shapes
  • Unicorn horn iceblocks


Unicorn party favours…

A unicorn party favour will keep the magic alive for guests just that little bit longer. Many of these ideas can also double as party entertainment to keep little fingers busy. Or pre-parcel up some yummy take home goodies for little dreamers to enjoy post party.

  • Fill small jars with treats and glue a unicorn on top (like this)
  • Print unicorn colouring books
  • Wave guests off with unicorn ribbon wands (like these)
  • Create tiny unicorn terrariums
  • Decorate paper bags with rainbow ribbons for take home cake
  • Put together small jars filled with glitter play dough
  • Make unicorn horns on headbands or colourful tails

Washi Tape Clouds

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