Meet Monique: the lucky chicken traveling the world

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instagram travel sail boat pet chicken

What came first? The chicken or the travel leg? @voyagedyvinec follows the instagram travel adventures of a Frenchman and his feathered friend.

Twenty-four-year-old Guirec Soudée and his chicken, Monique (well, red hen if we’re being ‘pecky’) have embarked on the adventure of a lifetime – sailing around the world in their boat, Yvinec.

So far, they’ve cruised the tropical ‘pastures’ of the Caribbean, navigated the icy Arctic Ocean, explored the west coast of Greenland, gone 130 days without outside communication and laid 106 eggs (Monique, not Guirec!)

Their next stop is Alaska, and if you ever need a reminder to ‘explore, dream and discover’ then this Insta account will spark your sense of adventure.

Seeing a hen surfing, skateboarding, bob-sledding and sidling up to icebergs is inspirational stuff. You got it, Monique!

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