25 Minecraft cakes to make at home

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25 incredible Minecraft cakes to make at home

Wow. Depending on who you’re talking to, the passion of crafty mums hasn’t got a patch on the zeal of Minecrafty kids. But when your kiddo requests a Minecraft party, these two crafts (mine and cake) can finally come together!

So for the coolest cake on the block, make sure you invite Steve, some creepers, TNT, pickaxes, swords, pigs and m(ore) to the party.

Here are 25 ideas for crafting a happy Minecraft birthday party, one cake pixel at a time!

The Minecraft man

minecraft video game birthday food party

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work Steve goes! Wielding a diamond pickaxe, this cake will bring a sparkle to your kiddo’s eye. (via Blossom Dream Cakes)

Turf floors

minecraft video game party food birthday

Steve’s not the only one with his work cut out – this grass block cake involves 1,026 hand-cut and coloured fondant squares! (via Sweet Disposition)

And if all those blocks are a little daunting, worry not! This video shows you how to make a Minecraft cake, square by square. (via How To Cook That)

Think outside the square

minecraft cake kid birthday recipe

And if the blocks aren’t doing it for you, then how about a grass block cake made of squiggles? Shredded coconut and crushed cookies are an easy (and yummy) alternative. (via Merry About Town)

Pixel art

minecraft cake birthday video game

Then, once you’ve got the coconut-cookie thing under control, you can work your way up to a ‘Steve vs skeleton’ cake. This munchable mosaic ‘only’ takes 4,675 fondant squares. Woah, mama. This cake is not for the faint of heart. (via CAKiSSERIE)

Our top pick(axe)

Minecraft cake

If you’re committed to fondant, but would like to cut a few less (thousand) squares, go big and create a Steve face and a pig face to adorn the sides of your cake. (via Bloom Cake Co.)

Jeepers creepers!

minecraft birthday party video game food

Not to be confused with the grass block cake, this creeper creation is one to watch out for. It’s a taste explosion! (via Finesse Cakes)

A piece of cake

minecraft birthday party kid

This homespun version of the creeper cake is deliciously simple. Or alternatively, you can create a creeper pattern on a whole cake, using green icing and chocolate squares. (via Pinterest)


Boom, boom and shake the party room with an impressive TNT cake. This YouTube video is a recipe for success! (via Cakes Step By Step)

Maximum impact

Minecraft TNT cake

Kids will be in awe (or should that be ‘ore’?) of the coal and emeralds, but the real excitement starts when you top this TNT cake with sparklers. Mini-minds will be blown! (via Little Wish Parties)

Hidden treasure

minecraft kid party birthday

You’ll have a blast making this TNT cake and the hidden ‘gems’ will be a big hit when the cake is cut. Sponge, lollies and a manageable amount of fondant are just what the mummy ordered! (via Mum Turned Mom)

Gold diggers

minecraft birthday kid party

With a gold block to find and a cake lake to slurp, the birthday builder will be happy as a (non-hostile) pig in mud. (via Cake Rush)

Diamonds are a kid’s best friend

minecraft diamond ore cake

Hold the green food colouring, because a diamond pickaxe and diamond ore cake will hit the spot with your mini-mite. (via Sugar Sweet Cakes & Treats)

Quite an achievement

minecraft cake birthday kids

This two-tier triumph includes a menagerie of Minecraft critters. It’s a winner from top to tail. (via  The Cake Life)

Blocks of choc

minecraft cake birthday party

Have a break cake, have a KIT KAT with these mini-masterpieces. Tiny fondant cupcake toppers complete the build. (via Festa Com Gosto)

Fast and effective

video game birthday cake party

These cupcakes will be gone in 60 seconds, and are pretty quick to make too. Just crack out some cupcake printables, green food colouring and build up the buttercream icing. Yum. (via Creekside Learning)

Go all out!

video game birthday kid party

We dub this incredible cake and cupcake combination the ‘celebration ore’. (via Crumbs & Doilies)

The village green

gaming birthday video game cake

Using chocolate, icing, sprinkles and imagination, you too can build a Minecraft village right here in the real world. Choose your own mix of sheep, huts, houses, logs, trees, wells and pigs. (via How to Cook That)


minecraft video game cake birthday

Fans of Stampy the cat will be tickled orange by this cake. It’s back to basics and looking ‘feline’ fine! (via Cakeology)

Build like a boss

minecraft cake birthday food kids party

This Ender Dragon will be a sure-fire hit, but it’s a bit tricky, so approach with caution! (via Beyond the Frosting)

Hungry for hostile mobs?

birthday cake party video game

This Nether Fortress has all the exciting stuff – whither skeletons, a ghost and lava from top to bottom. (via Rose Dream Cakes)

Take this!

minecraft video game party birthday

And what better way to fight those baddies, than with a diamond sword? Good luck getting the cake knife through this creation. (via Confettidea)

And take that!

minecraft cake kid party birthday sword

Or else, unleash a sword cake that doesn’t need cutting. Just pull apart the cupcakes and dig your teeth in. Problem solved! (via The Java Cupcake Blog)

Top of the pops

minecraft video game party birthday

Once you’ve crafted the birthday cake, dig deep into your creative reserves and forge some cake pops too! (via Popolate)

Minecraft cake

minecraft cake birthday kid party

If your kiddo asks for a “Minecraft cake”, they might mean “a cake you make in Minecraft”. All a bit confusing, but here’s how you do it! (via Eating On A Dime)

The End Game

minecraft cake birthday video game

And for the final word, let’s get Cakespiration from a Minecraft professional (aka an eight-year-old). With a recipe for virtual cake and real cake, this young’un has the celebrations sorted in-game and out. (via Heather Brown and Delicious Arts)

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