Serve up a mealtime adventure

Pirate winner dinner plates

Ready, set, chew!

To put the fun in food and get dinner down the hatch that little bit faster, you can’t go past the ingenious FRED winner dinner plates. They make mealtimes easy-peas-y (or easy carrots-y if that’s your kiddo’s preference) by transforming day-to-day dining into an eating adventure.

With a start and finish line, bite-sized food compartments, encouragement along the way and room for a treat at the end, your tyke will be keen as a bean to polish off their portions and become a dinner winner.

kids eating food meal mealtime

And with some fun new designs, there is a plate for every taste. Whether your little muncher powers up with a Super Hero theme, finds a unicorn in the Forest, digs into the Pirate design or races to the finish with the original, every plate is a winner. Plus, they’re dishwasher safe. Yay!

kids eat eating meal mealtime food

Available online from Lime Tree Kids (from $26.95).