One, two, three push. Funny videos of dads in labour!

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dads in labour

Role-playing might be fun for kids, but role-reversal is hilarious for mums! You see, in the old days, childbirth was an experience borne by women, and women only. But thanks to the wonders of modern technology (aka a labour pain simulator), men can now experience the magic of contractions. And dads in labour is definitely a laughing matter!

With the help of some electrodes attached to their tummies, these videos below show blokes huffing and puffing their way through contractions that strengthen with each stage of labour.

And speaking of labour stages, you’ll have a chuckle seeing these guys sauntering into the ‘birth suite’ for their faux delivery, then staggering out some time later with a renewed respect for us mamas! Classic.

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Pass the tissue box! You’ll be crying with laughter after you’ve seen these – hilarious!

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