Groove things: 14 DIY musical instruments for toddlers

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DIY drum

Ah… Music, sweet, music. Whether your baby is shaking a rattle to their own beat or your school kid is banging a drum you can hear down the street, music is a brilliant way for your tyke to express themselves.

And the great news is that you don’t need flashy instruments to create that rockstar experience. In many ways, DIY musical instruments are even better than the real thing – because they’re fun to make and play.

Here are 14 musical instruments you can create at home and rock around the clock with your tot.

Hey, little tambourine fan

instrument musical kids

A tambourine is a great introduction to music and these pie pan tambourines are a great excuse to eat pie! With two sizes to choose from, your mini maestros will be into this craft with bells on. (via Cakies)

String together a tune

music musical kids instrument play

This shoe box banjo is a great opportunity for your sprout to work on their Southern twang. Pick their favourite colours and let the show begin! (via Martha Stewart)

You spin me right round

musical kids party favour craft

These DIY spin drums are a fab way to keep the kids busy at a party and they’re in tune as a party favour too. Hip, hip and hooray! (via Julep)

Rainbow on a stick

music kids instrument musical play

Washi tape rain sticks are full of beans, just like your kidlet – which makes them a perfect match for rain dances, sun prances and random moves in between. (via Mum in the Mad House)

Egg-cellent maracas

music kids make homemade

An egg and spoon race is one thing, but these egg and spoon maracas are music to our ears. Crack out any design your mini-mite likes. (via Made Everyday With Dana)

A top pick

music musical diy instrument kids play

These mini lid banjos will strike a chord with your kiddo. They’re quick, easy, pretty and give old jam jar lids an encore. (via The Craft Train)

All the colours

music musical instrument kids play

A rainbow water xylophone is a beautiful thing. And whether you use glass or plastic bottles, this bright idea will keep mini-musos busy. (via Mama.Pappa.Bubba)

Go bonkers for bongos

musical instrument kids musical play drum

These DIY drums are almost too gorgeous to play. Almost. We love how the leather skins bring a touch of metal to the line-up. (via A Beautiful Mess)

Click, clack, front and back!

musical kids make castanet

These kids’ castanets are simply cool and will click with the young-ish crowd. Just make sure the sharp edge of each bottle cap is stuck down super well. (via One Perfect Day)

On the fringe

music kids make dance

Put your right foot in and shake it all about! These fringe musical anklets are sparkly, jingly and all kinds of fun. (via Giggles Galore)

Fab for little folk

music instrument diy kids paddle pop

Start with a craft session, then segue into Bob Dylan impersonations with these folksy paddle pop stick harmonicas. (via Make It & Love It)

A wall of sound

musical kids backyard play

A music wall is a great way to upcycle stuff and give your one-kid-band a performance space. Hang up everything from jugs and bells to coconut shells, then pass your tot a spoon so they can get tap-happy! (via Or So She Says…)

March to their own beat

music musical instrument kids make beat

For music on the move, make a bang with this marching drum. Your little drummer boy/girl will be pleased as punch with their noise machine, we mean, instrument! (via Little Button Diaries)

Air guitar

music musical instrument play kids

And if you’re looking for some quiet time, then how does this cardboard electric guitar sound? It’s time for a mock concert (not to be confused with a rock one!). (via Handmade Charlotte)

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