Plane awesome: A dad’s random act of kindness

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kind stranger

Grab a tissue because here’s a story that will warm your heart and bring a tear to your eye!

Flying with kids can be challenging, especially if you’re pregnant and travelling on your own with a toddler – which is exactly the situation a lady found herself in this week.

The mum was on a flight in America when her tyke got a bit upset, and here is the heart-warming part. Instead of focusing on his lunch plate or turning up his music, a kind stranger leapt up to lend the lady a hand.

Why? Because he’s a dad and he knew that a little help would go a long way.

This thoughtful man stepped in to cradle the crying tot and give the mum a break. Just because. And luckily for us, a fellow passenger uploaded the gesture on Facebook so that we can all share the love:

If you’ll just excuse us, we’re going to grab a tissue ourselves…

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