7 awesome videos of dads being rad with their kids!

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Roman Atwood balls in house prank

Let’s give it up for all the rad dads! Kids might say the darnedest things, but fathers actually do them, and here’s the proof.

Here are 7 videos that show dads being amazing with their kids.

Daddy rap

Yo! Move over Puff Daddy ‘cos this rap daddy is a dude! See him rapping with his crew in da family attitude. (That kind of rhymes, doesn’t it?! Anyway, this father is freakin’ awesome.)


Check out the mega prank this dad pulls off when he transforms the house (yes, house) into the best ball pit ever.

Sweet dreams are made of this

And…. sleep! This Kiwi dad has all the tricks for putting his bub down for a nap.

I’m daddy and I know it

With two older kids and a set of triplets, this dad is shaking his booty (yep, booty, not booties) in this hilarious spoof of the song, ‘I’m Sexy And I Know It’. Ooo baby.

Ambush daddy style

Prank’d! This father launches an awesome attack on his nearest and dearest. Take note for Halloween.

Daddy DIY

This dad is so cool he built a roller-coaster. At home. For his son to actually ride in. Impressive much?

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