The super calm water birth with 17 MILLION views

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Every woman has a different experience of birth and Audra Lynn’s water birth looks like it was taken straight out of The Little Book of Calm! This new mum from California has become a viral sensation after her midwife uploaded a photo of her giving birth in the most serene way possible. You won’t believe how composed this lady is!

And this cool, calm and collected approach has struck a chord with the world – the video has already been viewed 17 MILLION times and we’re all in awe of Audra’s powerful birth.

Her midwife says, “I believe the video has gone viral because it’s such a beautiful moment, in an intimate, private and relaxed atmosphere… That is something we just don’t associate with childbirth anymore and certainly don’t see enough of.”

So, without further ado, here is a calm water birth to be inspired by!


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