Modern day nature play at Plough + Harrow Playspace

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Nature meets technology at Plough + Harrow Playspace in Sydney. Tune in to your tyke’s discovery channel!

Plough + Harrow in the Western Sydney Parklands is a real eye opener, with colourful equipment, physical challenges and even QR code discovery trails.

All ages will find something interesting here – whether it’s poking a bumpy rock or barrelling into the hamster wheel! There’s fun around everything corner.

water play nature NSW sydney

There’s nature play at every turn with a pumped water play area that runs through the playground and the stones that step out into the bush.

Sydney NSW kids nature play

There’s also a sandpit for little fingers to sift through, leaves to collect and lots of bark to toddle, stomp and canter across.

sydney NSW kids nature

For older kids, the QR code discovery trails are a terrifically techie way to interact with the space and smartphones come into play here, scanning hidden codes. Meanwhile, tiny tots will be happy to look and not scan as they find silvery treasures resting on rocks.

playground sydney nsw

Littlies will also be tickled yellow by the colourful timber maze, where hiding from Mummy becomes an art form!

Sydney NSW kids play

Plus, there are oodles of opportunities to climb, swing, slide, rock and spin on the play equipment.

Which brings us to the hamster wheel!

sydney kids nature

Your school kid will be singing, “spin me right round, Mum, right round like a record, Mum…” and this thing is definitely a hit with the older crowd.

sydney NSW nature

Plough + Harrow has some great cycling paths, so take bikes, trikes and scooters for a whirl and pack a picnic too.

We vote for juice and quackers by the pond!

Washi Tape Clouds

Plough + Harrow East Playground

Getting there:
Corner of Elizabeth Drive and Windsor Road
Abbotsbury, NSW 2176

Car parking and toilets

BBQs, picnic facilities and café

(Images via RMPL and Group GSA)

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