Ready, aim, tidy! 8 ways to store Nerf guns

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If bulky blasters and foam darts are waging a war on your floorspace, then we have reason to believe that a Nerf gun invasion is happening at your house. And there’s only one thing to do – fight back with Operation Tidy Toys!

Whether you strike while your kiddo is out, or launch a cleaning attack in the dead of night, victory shall be yours, with some back-up from the Mum’s Grapevine Facebook Community.

Here are 8 ways to store Nerf guns. Your target is in sight (aka tidy minimalism!)

Level pegging

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Nerf guns like to peg darts at unsuspecting targets (parents), so a peg board seems a fitting home for them. (via Inspiration Made Simple)

Rail-y the troops

Nerf Gun storage on hooks

Another option is to hang the toys from S hooks and rails. These are from IKEA and your kiddo’s collection will look fine and Scandi when the zombies arrive! (via She’s Crafty)

Extend their shelf life

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A couple of IKEA shelves, some acoustic foam and draw liners are all you need to keep unruly Nerf guns in line. Of course, some colour-changing lights never go astray. (via Pinterest)

Rack them up

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With a wire rack for the guns and baskets for the darts, there’s no clear and present danger of mess. (via Pinterest)

Show them the door

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Step up to the Nerf gun storage challenge with this over the door shoe rack. (via Moore Magnets Organize in Style)

Bin them

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Although some parents may toy with the idea of dumping Nerf guns in a garbage bin, avoid World War III by keeping them in a storage bin. (via The Happy Housewife)

A pipe dream

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Dart out and get some PVC pipes, because this vertical storage solution will wash away all your Nerf clutter cares. (via Pinterest)

Convert a cupboard

kids store gun toy

If your family is handy with a hammer, then why not upcycle some old furniture and hide… we mean, store… your tyke’s arsenal in there?

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