21 Christmas inspired baby names

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Christmas inspired baby names

A baby born around Christmas is a joy to behold! And they’re also a joy to name.

With inspiration coming from biblical times, the Northern Hemisphere and the natural world, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the fun of naming a festive newborn.

Here are 21 names inspired by the silly season, from the warm and familiar to the positively unusual.

Christmas baby name inspiration

Angel: Hark the herald angels sing with this unisex name. A popular choice for boys in South America, Mel ‘Scary Spice’ B chose Angel for her daughter.

Balthasar: This boy’s name will attract attention throughout ‘Zar’s’ life. It means ‘God protects the king’ and Balthasar was one of the Three Wise Men who visited baby Jesus.

Carol: The girly version of Charles may strike a chord with Christmas carol fans. The name enjoyed popularity in the 1930’s and 40’s, so could work as a middle named borrowed from Granny?

Caspar: Balthasar was joined by Caspar (or Gaspar) in visiting newborn Jesus, so this Scandi name may win favour with parents of boys. It means ‘treasurer’ and is the Dutch form of Jasper.

Christian: Historically, Christian was a girl’s name. However, it’s now popular for boys and means ‘follower of Christ’. It’s a fashion-forward name too – with Christian Dior, Lacroix and Louboutin leading the charge.

Christmas: There’s no doubt that Christmas is a festive name, however, it’s also an unusual choice for merry girls and boys.

Claus: Not so common in Australia, Claus is the Scandi and German version of Nicholas (as in Santa Claus and St Nicholas).

Eve: Eve means ‘life’ and this age old name is moving up in the style stakes for girls. With ties to Adam and Eve, and Christmas Eve, it is a pretty alternative to Ava, Eva, Evelyn and Evie.

Gabriel: This angelic boys’ name is popular around the world, including the celebrity world. Mick Jagger, Daniel Day Lewis and Mia Farrow all chose it for their sons.

Holly: This English botanical name has a very Christmassy feel. Mums due around Christmas may deck the halls with bells and name their daughter Holly.

Jesus: A bold name in Australia, ‘hay-soos’ is popular in Latin America and definitely has Christmas connotations.

Joseph: This Nativity-associated name is a popular one for boys and can be shortened nicely to Joe. For an international flavour, Jose, Giuseppe and Josef are options, and Josephine is sweet for girls.

Joy: Joy to the world! This name was popular with the older generation, and for parents seeking an upbeat name, Joy could bring Christmas cheer as a modern cherub’s moniker.

Mary: This is a royal name and also that borne by the mother of Jesus. For something a little more popular, consider Maryam – which was the 98th most popular girl’s name in 2015.

Natalie: Bon natale! Meaning ‘birthday of the Lord’, Natalie has a not-too-strong Christmas association. It is a tres jolie French name, and Natalie is the Russian alternative.

Nicholas: Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of children and was so famous for his gift-giving that he inspired the big man in red – Father Christmas. For baby boys, Nick is a great, well, nickname.

Noel: This boy’s name actually means ‘Christmas’ so there’s nothing more festive than that! It’s a cool Britannia name with a French origin.

Noelle: This is the female version of Noel and may suit a little girl born around Christmas.

Snow: More common as a last or middle name, Snow is more often given to girls. It has a ‘white Christmas’ feel and parents of boys may be inspired by Jon Snow. Winter is coming…

Stella: A little like Estella and Estelle, Stella is a bright name that means ‘star’. It adds a twinkle to the Christmas-inspired names and was in the Top 50 most popular girls’ names in 2015. A far-flung alternative is Starr.

Yule: This name has associations with Christmas and the Winter Solstice, and it’s a unique choice for baby boys.


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