He’s back! 24 new and hilarious Elf on the Shelf ideas

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Elf on the Shelf ideas

It’s almost time for lil’ elves everywhere to make their way to our homes and cast their watchful eyes over the kidlets for the month of December.

But who is this Elf on the Shelf you keep hearing about? Elves all around the world arrive at their host families on December 1st, with a special book that explains that they’re there to let Santa know who has been naughty or nice. Every morning, after Elf has arrived back from reporting duties at the North Pole, he (or she) can be found in different places around the house – often up to a little mischief of their own!

Here are 24 of the funniest ways your kids might wake up to find their elves.

Grand entrance

elf on the shelf ideas
Welcome back! We love how this clever elf has used Christmas lights to light up his runway. (via: Lesley Chamberlain)


elf on the shelf ideas
This cheeky elf has stolen a pair of underpants to parachute his way back inside! Helium balloons keep him floating high. (via: LMents Photography)

Garage sale

elf on the shelf ideas
This entrepreneurial elf is having a garage sale. Apparently, all the funds will go to buying more candy! (via: A Small Snippet)

Pucker up

elf on the shelf ideas
Elves are notorious for trying to steal a smooch when nobody is watching. Help Elf make his own  Kissing Booth with this sweet printable. (via: Living Locurto)

Tree shopping

elf on the shelf ideas
This elf is getting the Christmas cheer going by picking up a tree for his host family. (via: Busy Kids Happy Mom)

Fun in the sun

elf on the shelf ideas
The North Pole is quite chilly, so you’ll often find elves enjoying a little fun in the sun. We love this elf’s Kit Kat lounger! (via: Lily Shop)

Photo booth fun

elf on the shelf ideas
Elves love a photo booth, especially one that has props that turn them into the big jolly red fella himself! (via: @elfontheshelf)

Rub a dub dub

elf on the shelf ideas
Imagine the kids delight as they wake to find out that their elf has drawn a bath for himself (and all his friends!) (via: @elizabeth.cotf)

Movie night

elf on the shelf ideas
Grab the popcorn because it’s movie night! Elf is watching… well, Elf. (via: My Book Corner)

Bath time

elf on the shelf ideas
We hear elves aren’t much a fan of water. They prefer to bathe in sprinkles; apparently it’s great for their skin. (via: Lily Shop)


elf on the shelf ideas
This daredevil elf is ziplining his way back from a night at the North Pole via some hanging Christmas lights. Wheeee! (via: Simpson College)

Date night

elf on the shelf ideas
Oh dear, is it just us, or does this elf have a cheeky twinkle in his eye? #netflixandchill (via: Heather Spoor/Buzzfeed)

Elf versus Elsa

elf on the shelf ideas
When Elf realises he is not immune to Elsa’s wrath… for goodness sake, stay on her good side. (via: Amy Janczak)

Positive encouragement

elf on the shelf ideas
Elves have been known to reward good behaviour with little surprises every now and then. (via: Rachel Swartely)

Great outdoors

elf on the shelf ideas
Elves love a spot of camping – there’s nothing quite like gazing up at the stars with the constant crackle of a fireplace nearby.  (via: A Small Snippet)

Bed rest

elf on the shelf ideas
Oh no! Elf is sick. He has been placed on 3 full days of strict bed rest by Doctor Frost – there’s to be no movement whatsoever. (via: Living Locurto)

Under attack

elf on the shelf ideas
Some of the other toys get a wee bit jealous when your elf gets all the attention. (via: Simple As That)

Daredevil antics

elf on the shelf ideas
Daredevil elves love to try their hand at monster trucks. (via: Janet Barnhardt Hickey)


elf on the shelf ideas
Peekaboo, we see you! It’s the elf version of Where’s Wally? (via: Simple As That)

Balloon ride

elf on the shelf ideas
Elves love nothing more than taking a leisurely hot air balloon ride back from the North Pole. The landing can be a bit tricky though! (via: Peanut Blossom)

Road rally

elf on the shelf ideas
Elves are known for having a wicked competitive streak. Move outta the way! (via: Mommy Upgrade)

Cooling down

elf on the shelf ideas
Towards the end of December, it can get a bit hot for elves here in Australia. When it does, they like to cool down in an igloo. (via: Domestic Femme)

Baking sesh

elf on the shelf ideas
This lil’ elf has a hankering for something sweet and so has gathered the ingredients to make some delicious chic-chip cookies. Yum! (via: Snapshots of my Life)

All systems go

elf on the shelf ideas
Once Santa gets the text message from your elf to let him know your kidlet has made his or her way onto the ‘nice’ list, he’ll send a return text to let your elf know he is on his way. (via: Picklehead Soup)

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