29 creative number birthday cakes

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Numbered Birthday Cakes

From the age of one to 101, a number cake is a brilliant way to celebrate a birthday.

Fun themes and numerical cake shapes are a formula for birthday success, and with added inspo from the Mum’s Grapevine Facebook community, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 (or thereabouts!) to create a memorable cake.

Here’s how to create a number cake, plus 29 designs that will score a 10 and go down in family folklore. Hip, hip and hooray!

Five ways to add a number to a cake

1. Build a number-shaped birthday cake

number cake printable template kids

For a DIY cake shape, this printable template shows mummy-chefs how to make any number using round and square cake tins. (via Today’s Parent)

2. Stick on a numbered cake topper

stylish paper shop etsy number cake topper

The classic way to mark a birthday is with a numbered candle, but get creative with a personalised topper. This one is from Etsy seller, Stylish Paper Shop ($20).

3. Arrange cupcakes in a number shape

number cake kids cupcakes

Lay out cupcakes in the shape of the number. Cupcakes + icing = yum. (via Ambrosia Baking)

4. Bake a number-shaped cake

number cake kids

Buy or hire a number-shaped cake tin and the sponge will turn out perfectly. (image via Temptation Corner)

5. Add a number to a round cake

sprinkles baby number cake

Alternatively, stick with a round cake and add a number to the top with sprinkles, lollies or fondant icing. (via Kristine’s Kitchen).

Number cake inspiration

There is a number cake for every age and interest, starting with this smorgasbord of sweet ideas:

The mighty jungle

animal number cake kids

Bubba will go wild for a cake that looks like a giraffe! (via Bec-A-Licious Cakes)

Letter writing

letter number cake kids

Spell out the number and get three cakes for one birthday. Genius! (via Big Fat Cook on Pinterest)

Polka dot delight

dotty number cake kids

Go dotty with this cute cake, or jazz it up into a Minnie Mouse or ladybird creation. (image via Creative Cakes)

Circus show

circus baby number cake

Up the difficulty level with a stand-up number cake. This circus-themed one balances colour and creativity. (via Celebrate with Cake!)

Lolly overload

lolly number cake kids

This video shows another way to make a number-shaped cake, and how to load it with lollies. The more, the merrier! (via Cake Style)

Farmyard fun

farmyard number cake kids

This farmyard cake will get an “e, i, e, i, oh yay” from toddlers. (via Kat Moss on Flickr)

Rad racetrack

racetrack number cake kids

Guests will be off and racing after a slice of this cool car-themed cake. Vroom! (via MMJ Events)

Train day

train cake number kids

This fun train cake is easy to make and fun to chew, chew, chew. Full steam ahead! (via blue i style)

Tots, trains and automobiles

train car number cake kids

If the birthday bambino can’t decide between a train or car theme, make a combo cake. Puff, puff, beep, beep! (via Melania Osborne on Facebook)

Construction zone

construction number cake kids

Build a construction cake for littlies to dig into. This crumbly, chocolatey creation is scoop-a-licious. (via Natalie Newberry on Facebook)

Pirate bounty

pirate number kids cake

There be skullduggery ahead with these numbered cupcakes for pint-sized pirates. X marks the fourth birthday! (via Alli Chew on Facebook)

M&Ms all over

round rainbow cake number kids

A hundred artfully placed M&Ms look rainbow bright! Create a number on a round cake or add colour to a number-shaped sponge. (image via Bloglovin’)

Gummy bear decoration

gummy bear number cake kids

Replace M&Ms with gummy bears for a whole new world of fun. (via Oh Happy Day)

Surprise cake

rainbow tie dyed surprise cake number kids

This tie-dyed rainbow cake serves up the colour inside and out – bake to impress! (via Tablespoon)

LEGO build

lego number cake kids

Stacks of colour and lashings of butter cream icing make for a happy birthday. (via Angela Eagle on Facebook)

Transformer ahead

transformers number cake kids

With racing stripes and the Transformers badge, Mr or Ms Five will get a buzz out of this Bumblebee cake. (via Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary)

Number line

number cake birthday kids

It’s the final countdown – oops, count up – with this cake. (via One Charming Party)

Spider-Man duo

spider man kids number cake

Power-up with a superhero cake and sidekick cookies. (via Celia Spykers on Facebook)

Superhero style

superhero number cake kids

Then combine the forces of cake-making like this incredible creation. Ka-pow! (via Cake Ali)

Aeroplane cake

plane number cake kids

This gravity-defying cake is an OMG way to mark a six-year-old’s birthday. (via Artisan Cake Company)

Sailboat launch

sailboat number cake kids

Mess about with boats and bunting for this cruisy cake. (via Creative Jewish Mom)

Floral tones

floral number cake kids

With a plain top and petals on every side, this number seven is a big bunch of beautiful. (via Sprinkles & Crumbs)

Frozen goes luxe

frozen disney number cake kids

Add Disney sparkle with inspiration from this Frozen cake. Top it with edible pearls and Elsa fans will be spellbound. (via Couture Cake Jewellery)

Laser tag

laser number cake kids

Big kids will be all over this action-packed cake. Ready, aim, eat! (via Mrs M’s Homemade Cakes)

Swimming pool fun

swimming pool number cake kids

Make a splash with a number eight swimming pool cake. (via Verusca at Deviant Art)

Minecraft mastery

minecraft number cake kids

Dig deep with a Minecraft cake – this one is ore-some for inspiration. (via The House of Cakes)

Sports fan

sport number cake kids

Score a winning goal with a sport-themed number cake. (via Cakes Beyond Belief)

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