20 creative ways to store and display soft toys

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soft toy storage - wall hanging baskets

Plushies are cuddly, cute and rather like to spread themselves around – with the help of a toddler! To reclaim the floor once playtime is over, some soft toy storage bins, baskets tubs are in order.

To help you put an end to the toy-strewn floor and give a home to the kids’ favourite plush toys and teddies, we’ve put together a complete list of soft toy storage ideas.

20 soft toy storage ideas for organised playrooms

In no particular order, here are 20 fabulous soft toy storage ideas that look great and go a long way in getting the play spaces ship-shape.

1. Fabric baskets

the honey bee soft toy storage toddler

Open-topped baskets are the perfect place for soft toys (and books) to live. In easy-reach of tykes, neutral baskets are a great match for colourful critters. (via The Honey Bee by Andee Layne)

2. Paper bags

leo and bella paper bag toy storage

Paper bags provide festive cheer all year round. Stuff them with soft toys and watch these monochromatic prints light up the room. Available at leo & bella ($22).

3. Wire baskets

Storing plush toys in a wire basket

Wire baskets are another easy way to store toys, plus little eyes can spy the plushie they want before digging deep. Down to the Woods wire baskets (from $29.95) are a great contemporary design for a modern look.

4. Plastic tubs

plastic tubs soft toy storage toddler

With size and structural integrity on their side, plastic tubs add a big splash of colour too. Yay. (via Brian Patrick Flynn on HGTV)

5. Canvas Baskets

Canvas baskets to store toys

Canvas baskets are all the rage this year and are great to pop behind a door or on display. These ones are from Etsy seller Willow and the Owl ($29.95).

6. Wooden crates

a bubbly life toy crate toddler

A natural-finish crate brings rustic charm to a play room, while a lick of paint adds a whimsical air. These DIY crates are cute as pie (and sweet as pie too). (via A Bubbly Life)

7. IKEA hanger

ikea soft toy storage toddler

Go loopy for this easy peasy idea. Just hang up an IKEA Komplement multi-use hanger, then poke soft toys through the holes. (via Lorri Dyner)

8. Wall planter

garden basket soft toy storage

Mount a garden planter (or two) on the wall, then dangle plushies’ legs through the gaps. Cheeky monkeys will be stretching up to tickle their toys’ toes. (via Apartment Therapy)

9. Make your own

MaCalls basket and wall hanging patterns

Make your own wall hanging and baskets with a DIY pattern from Etsy seller U Can Make This ($7.00)

10. Hanging basket

hanging basket soft toy storage toddler

With an interesting texture and handy hooks, these hanging baskets tip things in favour of style and practicality. (via Crazy Wonderful)

11. Stuffed animal chair

googiemomma soft toy storage toddler

Meet the S.A.C – aka the Stuffed Animal Chair. This is a great sewing project, then stash toys inside and sit little bots on top. (via Googiemomma and Thread Riding Hood)

12. Hanging shoe rack

apartment therapy soft toy storage toddler

This over-the-door shoe rack keeps toys safe and sound with elastic ‘seatbelts’. (via Apartment Therapy)

13. DIY timber ladder

its always autumn soft toy storage toddler

Forget Snakes & Ladders – this timber DIY shows there is fun ahead with Toys & Ladders! (via It’s Always Autumn)

14. Net canopy

homey home design soft toy storage toddler

A mosquito net can be beautifully re-purposed as a toy canopy. Just knot the bottom and load in the stuffed animals. (via Homey Home Design)

15. Wall hammock

Mamma Made It toy hammock toy storage

Kick back and relax with a toy hammock! With airy tulle, easy sewing projects and crafty crochet, plushies are on island time. Available from Etsy seller Mama Made It Shop ($26.95).

16. Bed hammock

project nursery soft toy storage toddler

Nighty night! Put toys to sleep in fabric pouches that tie to the end of the bed. (via Project Nursery)

17. Upcycled storage box

diy dresser soft toy storage box toddler

Take an old dresser drawer and DIY it into a dreamy toy box. (via Two It Yourself)

18. Under bed storage

under bed storage soft toy toddler

There’s no such thing as monsters under the bed, but soft toys are a real possibility. Hide wood or canvas boxes underneath for slide-away storage. (via Love It So Much)

19. Hanging fabric basket

hanging fabric baskets soft toy storage toddler

Have a rail of a time getting storage baskets off ground-level. (via Mother Huddle on Everyday Beautiful)

20. Toy chair

jesus sauvage store soft toys toddler

Covering a chair with soft toys and cable ties is a permanent storage solution, but for a more temporary idea, just load plushies onto a seat without tying them on. Sardines! (via Jesus Sauvage)

21. Animal zoo

With an instructional video and over 37 million views on Facebook, this DIY stuffed animal zoo is a wildly popular idea. (via Buzzfeed)

22. Ferris wheel storage

circus theme soft toy storage toddler

Run away to the circus! For the ultimate statement in storage, assemble a ferris wheel and give toys a ticket to ride. (via homedit)

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