7 ways being a parent can get you the career you’ve always wanted

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If you’re heading back to work, looking for something new or thinking about going out on your own, you might feel like you need a little skills boost to compete in the ‘real world’ again.

Our friends at Martin Higher Education offer great courses to get you back in business, but they also know that the super Mum skills you already have are just as valuable in the workplace. Because being a mum shouldn’t hold you back from the career you want. In fact, it might even help you get there!

1. Negotiation


Negotiating a million-dollar trade deal is a walk in the park compared to getting a reluctant toddler to eat their veggies, go to the toilet or, basically, do anything! You spend your days reasoning, bargaining and compromising in pursuit of the ultimate win-win – a happy mummy and content kiddo.

2. Communication


You know the difference between a hungry and a sleepy cry. You get that “ba-ba” is the cat but “bo-bo” means “I’m thirsty”. You answer endless questions about why the sky is blue or why fire is hot in a way a tiny brain can understand. And you teach your munchkin to ‘use their words’ not feet and fists to express their emotions. You talk, you listen, you understand. Effective communication – tick!

3. Creativity


Parenting is all about creativity, and we’re not just talking the glue sticks and glitter kind. Kids change every day and what works one day is almost guaranteed not to work the next. You find new solutions every day to challenges that didn’t even exist the day before. It’s the ultimate in out-of-the-box thinking.

4. Problem solving

Problem solving

Kiddos defy logic. They actually defy logic. You can tell them that their size 8 foot doesn’t fit in their old size 6 gumboot. You can show them that their size 8 foot doesn’t fit in their old size 6 gumboot. But if they have decided that they will be wearing their old size 6 gumboots, you have a problem. And if you want to get out the door that day, you have to solve it. A delayed timeline or blown-out budget is an easy-fix compared to a tantruming toddler.

5. Leadership


Guiding a tiny human through life is no small task. As Commander-in-Chief of Kid-landia, you shape their values, influence their behavior and are the funnel through which your little one learns about the world. All on zero sleep. Yes, you do deserve a seat at the United Nations.

6. Flexibility


Little people change their minds. A lot. They also leak. A lot. From poo-namis and projectile vomit to temper tantrums and the hangries, you never know what’s around the corner. No biggie. You know how to anticipate challenges, balance priorities, adapt to change, modify your approach and respond as necessary. You’re as flexible as an Olympic gymnast.

7. Multi-tasking


For little creatures who haven’t been on the planet very long, you would think your pipsqueaks would have a better grasp of patience. But usually, what has to be done has to be done NOW! That’s why you can cook breakfast, pack lunches, get dressed, check your emails, shovel food into a toddler’s mouth, pay the bills, order online groceries, unpack the dishwasher, plan a playdate and book the car in for servicing ALL at the same time. You are a multi-tasking master. Let’s face it, going to work would be a nice break!

Martin Higher Education Courses

If you’re looking to add to your super Mum skills for your next career move, Martin Higher Education offers flexible online or on-campus courses in business, event management, tourism and marketing that enables you to balance family, work and study.

Find out more or register online for their upcoming Information Webinar on 31 January 2017.

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