9 perfect photos capturing the moment siblings meet for the first time

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sibling baby photo

Becoming a big sister or big brother is a momentous occasion in any child’s life – even if they’ve been there and done that already.

After nine long months of waiting, a bub’s arrival is the start of a lifelong sibling bond. And whether the newborn is met with wonder and delight, or toddler scepticism, there’s something so beautiful about the first-time siblings set eyes on one another.

Here are 9 photos that will melt hearts and send ovaries all aflutter, care of the IAPBP.

1. The sweetest hello

sister toddler birth

(via Jessie Fultz Photography)

2. Discovering a friend for life


(via Marcy Harris Photos)

3. Open hands, open heart

baby sister

(via Kerfox.com)

4. Sharing a moment with mum

kerfox birth sibling photo

(via Kerfox.com)

5. Excited, excited, EXCITED!!!

newborn sibling

(via Mamarazzi Photography)

6. Savouring every special detail

brother baby

(via Mamarazzi Photography)

7. The wow factor when triplets arrive

birth baby brother

(via JBC Photography)

8. “Hmmm, I wonder what happens if I do this…?”

birth newborn

(via KEDocumentary.com)

9. Celebs have kids too – meet P!nk’s gorgeous pair

pink celebrity siblings newborn

(via Instagram)

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