12 bento lunch boxes for keeping things separate

Yumbox - Bento Lunch Boxes MGV
Bento-style lunch boxes are a fab for packing nude food lunches and for fussy eaters who like to keep foods separate from each other. The lil’ compartments mean different foods stay put and the best part is most bento lunch boxes are leakproof.

The food choice options are endless – from mini sangas, to fruit and veg, or even crackers and dip, you are limited only by what your little darlings will actually eat!

Here are our top 12 bento style lunch boxes for school kids. Happy munching!

Little Lunch Box Co.

Little Lunch Box Co - Bento Lunch Boxes MGV

The Little Lunch Box Co. ($44.95) bento boxes have either three compartments or five – that’s a compartment for each of the major food groups!


Goodbyn Bynto - Bento Lunch Boxes MGV

The Goodbyn Bynto ($16.95) have three compartments so you can mix and match sanga and snacks. Plus the ‘ears’ feature on the lid makes it easier for little fingers to get the lid off.


Planetbox - Bento Lunch Boxes MGV

The Planetbox range ($104.95) of bento kits are the bees knees of bentos. Not only do they come with a drink bottle and insulated bag to keep things cool, they can even be fancified with interchangeable magnets.


Yumbox - Bento Lunch Boxes MGV

Yumbox Bento Lunch Boxes (from $26.95). 100% leakproof, these bento lunch boxes feature  super cute designs that only become visible once lunch is eaten- clever!


Bentology - Bento Lunch Boxes MGV

With three removable leak-proof containers, the Bentology Bento Lunch Boxes ($34.95) offer great versatility when it comes to food options.

Go Green

Go Green Bento - Bento Lunch Boxes MGV

The Go Green Bento Lunchbox Sets ($69.95) come with a bento style lunch box, insulated bag and ice pack to keep things cool, a water bottle and our favourite – a super cute lil’ whiteboard where you can write special notes or reminders!

Bentgo Kids

Bentgo - Bento Lunch Boxes MGV

With well-proportioned compartments, the Bentgo Kids Bento Lunch Box ($45) is perfectly sized for little tummies. And the rubber overlay is handy protection when it’s bouncing around in backpacks.


Lunchbots - Bento Lunch Boxes MGV

Got a hangry kid with an insatiable appetite? LunchBots Bento Boxes (from $45.50) are 60% larger than the classic range so you can pack enough that they’ll never go hungry.

Stuck on You

Stuck on You Bento Lunch Box

Forget the soggy sandwiches, limp carrot sticks and melted cheese sticks. The new Stuck On You range of bento boxes ($49.95) are as bright and bubbly as their personalities.


Fuel Bento Lunch Box

The Bento Lunch Box by Fuel ($27.50) has 4 compartments for healthy eating and is dishwasher safe for easy clean up – fist pump!


Marvel Bento Boxes

The Marvel Bento Lunch Box range ($18) is just the thing for little superheroes – they’ll need to eat up all their veggies to save the day, though…

Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids Spencer Bento Lunch Box

The Spencer Bento Box Container ($22.50) has 5 compartments, is great value for money and can be whacked in the top rack of your dishwasher for easy clean up.