Out of the minds of babes: 9 brilliant things invented by kids

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kids invented pringle scoop

Grown-ups might be good at stuff like driving cars and doing up shoelaces, but sometimes it takes a young mind to be truly innovative. The kind of brain that can see outside the square and come up with inventions that change the world forever. Like trampolines and Pringle hooks.

To celebrate the big ideas of little people, January 17 is ear-marked as Kid Inventors’ Day. So take a moment to look back at the inventions that have shaped our lives, and sneak a peek at our future (eating a whole can of Pringles in one go).

Here are 9 incredible kids’ inventions, served up for our enjoyment.

Old skool inventions

In the olden days, there was no shortage of brand-spankin’ new ideas. All hail the kid-invented…

Trampoline (16-year-old)

trampoline invended by a 16 year old kid

After watching trapeze artists boinging into safety nets, 16-year-old George Nissen invented the kids trampoline. Originally called a ‘bouncing rig’, he renamed it after ‘el trampolin’ – the Spanish word for ‘diving board’.

Popsicle (11-year-old)

Frank Epperson invented the popsicle

Californian kid, Frank Epperson was just 11 when he poured soda powder into some water, mixed it up with a stick and then accidentally left it outside (sound familiar?) As luck would have it, the solution froze overnight and the popsicle was born!

Earmuffs (15-year-old)

kids invention earmuff

Back in 1874, a young lad called Chester Greenwood liked ice skating, but didn’t like freezing cold ears. So with some help from his granny, the 15-year-old devised the modern day earmuff – complete with a headband and ear pads. Brrrr-illiant.

Television (14-year-old)

television kids invention

If the name Philo T Farnsworth doesn’t ring a bell, then ‘TV inventor’ will. Back in the early 1900s, the 14-year-old was ploughing rows of potatoes (as you do) and started thinking about transmitting parallel lines of light as electrons (ok, he’s lost us).

Fast-forward a few years and Philo broadcast the very first electrical image, paving the way for ABC Kids!

New skool inventions

Now a new generation of kid inventors have come up with these ingenious ideas for the INVENTORS! Project. Watch out, world!

Family scooter (9-year-old)

family scooter kids invention

Get ready to ride with this family-sized scooter from 9-year-old Wendy Ridley! With personalised handlebar heights and a fold-up design, walking is definitely overrated.

Food cooler fork (6-year-old)

food cooler fork kids invention

Is molten hot lasagne causing problemos for munchkins? Then cool down the dinner with this ingenious design from Ameliya Liddle, aged six. And don’t worry, the prototype would have a rubber fan and safety cover to protect fidgety fingers.

Pringles hook (11-year-old)

pringles hook kids invention

Once you pop, you can’t stop and this invention by Georgia Dinsley, aged 11, makes it easier to get Pringles out of the bottom of the can. Oh no, now we really can’t stop.

Tooth-O-Matic (12-year-old)

tooth-o-matic kid invention

Convincing the kids to clean their teeth is about to get a whole lot easier, thanks to young Henry Hughes. His ‘self-toothpastable’ toothbrush saves tykes the effort of squeezing toothpaste out of a separate tube because it’s in-built.

Life Band swimming bracelet (9-year-old)

Kids invented life band swimming aid

Here’s an accessory that is always on-trend – the life-saving swimming bracelet. Invented by nine-year-old Danny Sarsfield, this thing transforms into a flotation device at the press of a button. Its mini-motor fills a bag with air, so it’s a case of ‘not drowning, saving’.


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