Sweet dreams in a Cocoonababy Nest

Cocoonababy Nest sleeping aid

Coming from the safety of mummy’s tummy out into the real world can be a scary ride for our little loves, but one clever product is hoping to make newborns feel safe and secure again.

The Cocoonababy Nest provides a gentle, cocoon-like environment, designed to help everyone get better sleep.

Cocoonababy: Support where baby needs it

Cocoonababy Nest

The Cocoonababy Nest limits the effect of the ‘startle’ reflex, which often wakes babies throughout the night. It does this simply by keeping the baby in a semi-foetal position, with shoulders and arms against the cocoon.

So how does the Cocoonababy work?

The combination of supportive and reactive foams place less pressure on baby’s delicate head which in turn reduces the risk of plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome). The innovative design is a big win for babies experiencing reflux and colic too.

Designed for use in the back sleeping position, the Cocoonababy Nest can be used until your baby starts to roll or change position (usually around 4 months of age).

Available online from The Stork Nest ($299).

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