The design-it-yourself rag doll: Zé Zezling!

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design it yourself ze zezling rag dolls

Take DIY to a new level with the design-it-yourself rag doll called Zé Zezling!

For this project, just imagine up a doll on paper, or use the handy design-a-doll plan, and the Zé Zezling team will transform the drawing into a one-of-a-kind, handmade doll, complete with personal story and ID card with his (or her) name and birth date.

Kiddo-designed dolls, Grandad-lookalike dolls, dentist dolls and octopus-arm clown dolls are just the beginning!

Ze zezling clown doll with octopus arms

Once the Zé Zezling arrives, there’s a whole online community for sharing stories, photos, videos and letters with all the other adoptive Zé Zezling families. Zippity-doo-dah, what a wonderful idea!

Available online from Etsy seller Zezling.

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