9 ingenious ways to get toddlers to eat more fruit

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yum cut out inside a rockmelon

Depending on their age, toddlers need between 75g and 150g of fruit daily and all those fruity-licious vitamins, minerals and fibre boosters help tots power through the day and develop through the years.

But we all know, toddlers can be a picky bunch and if they’re suspicious about strawberries and cautious about kiwi fruit, it’s time for grown-ups to think outside the pear (oh, ok, square) and make fruit a yummy proposition.

Here are 9 ways to have kids going bananas for fruit!

1. Position, position, position

toddler eating more fruit - toddler buffet

Toddlers are more likely to tuck into fruit if it’s in their reach, not stashed up high in a fruit bowl or buried in the fridge. Put fruit at eye level – and serve it in an ice tray for instant appeal! (via Jennifer Bishop Design)

2. Prepare fruit like a pro

fruit rainbow for kids to eat

Prepare the fruit so that it’s ready-to-eat and zero fuss for fussy eaters. Cubed mango, bite-sized berries, sliced orange and diced apple are easy for little chompers. (image via Kraft)

3. Fresh is best

sliced apple toddler fruit eat

“I love shrivelled fruit!” said no toddler ever, so keep produce looking its tastiest with these handy fruit storing tips. And to keep apples and pears from going brown once sliced, dip them in lemony water (or try a sprinkle of orange juice). (image via Paleo Eats & Treats)

4. Lead by example

fruit in a lunchbox

Seeing Mum packing grapes into a lunchbox or Grandad demolishing a banana is a great way to pique a toddler’s interest in trying the fruit.

5. Get toddlers involved

Owl pancakes with blueberries

Whether they pick their fave apple at the grocer, grow strawberries at home, see where cherries come from or help plate up a berry owl, it helps to involve toddlers in Mission: Fruit Finding.

6. Creative plating up

fruit cut into letters with cookie cutters

Speaking of berry owls, an exciting presentation is a toddler magnet.

Experiment with fruit preparation (like grating or mashing apple) and get arty with ideas like alphabet fruit and peachy parrots. (image via Paper & Stitch)

7. Fruit by another name

Homemade fruit rollups

If kiddo isn’t keen on plums, then how about plum roll-ups? Fruit muffins, fruit smoothies and fruit popsicles are also fab ways to hide – oops include – fruit.

Plus, there’s the option of dried, canned, frozen or juiced fruit (all things in moderation of course).

8. Persistence pays off

Bowl of kiwi fruit

If kiddo isn’t keen on trying a fruit, don’t give up. It might just be a case of 10th time lucky for kiwi fruit!

9. Mix things up

papaya sliced

And if one fruit ain’t working for them right now, try another. Different fruits offer different nutrients, so if they’re passing on papaya (with Vitamin C), then how about apricots (with Vitamin A)?

Bon appetit, bambino!

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