Ninja mum exits stage right and 13 million people watch

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We’ve all been there. Perched next to the cot, waiting for that moment when bubba drifts off to sleep and Mum can safely exit the nursery and go back to that TV episode/grown-up conversation/glass of something that’s not apple juice.

Then the second Mummy makes a move – BAM! – those little peepers snap open and we’re back to first base with the whole ‘putting bubba down’ scenario.

And how does one deal with this delicate situation? Well, if you’re South African mum, Caryn Morris, then you pull off a reverse leopard crawl and ninja right outta there without bub suspecting a thing!

Caryn’s awesome manoeuvre was captured by home surveillance camera and it has clocked up over 13 million views on her hubby Tyrone’s Facebook page.

This ‘sneak and retreat’ move is exit strategy gold, so watch and learn, mums, watch and learn.

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