All 17 Pixar movies are connected and here’s the proof

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disney pixar easter egg video

Get ready for a lightbulb moment, because it turns out that the clever folk at Pixar are even more clever than we thought!

They have released a video showing the connections between all 17 Pixar movies and it’s going to take more than one view to digest this cinematic masterpiece.

Is that Lightning McQueen in Toy Story? Get outta here! Nemo found in Monsters Inc.? No way! Lots-o-Huggin’ Bear in Up? Uh-huh, and that’s just the start.

disney pixar toy story

It appears that Pixar characters and settings have been jumping between movies for years and we only just realised.

To play catch-up, watch the Easter Egg video below. Then start looking for the number A113 in almost every Pixar film (because that’s the room many Pixar creatives studied in).

These guys sure love an in-joke!

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