New research shows ‘pregnancy brain’ helps you bond with bub

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It’s true! Baby brain is a real effect of pregnancy, but not in the way we thought.

European researchers from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and Leiden University have found that pregnancy does reduce the grey matter in specific parts of a woman’s brain. However, instead of making a mama-to-be forget birthdates, this brain change helps a woman bond with their bub and prepare for ‘motherhood’.

These brain changes last for at least two years after giving birth, but the good news is that researchers found no evidence of memory deterioration in the 25 mums they studied. Hurrah!

And what causes the little grey cells to tune out?

Well, just like the changes that happen to a teenager’s brain, baby brain is caused by hormones. Mums-to-be have a surge of oestrogen during pregnancy and it’s thought that this helps new mums recognise the needs of their baby, be more aware of social threats and become more attached to bubba.

This is the case whether it’s a natural or assisted pregnancy, so embrace those pregnancy hormones and bid farewell to some grey matter. For a couple of years anyway.

(via BBC News)


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