Meet Victoria’s (possibly) biggest newborn

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victoria biggest baby

Babies come in all sizes great and small, and when we say ‘great’ we mean it!

A Victorian mum has just given birth to a 6.06kg baby, and not-so-little Brian Liddle Jnr has entered the world as the heaviest baby ever born at Mercy Hospital for Women in Heidelberg.

Mum-of-four Natashia Corrigan knew she was expecting a big bub by the time of her 36-week scan, but wasn’t expecting that he might take out the title of Victoria’s biggest baby!

She says that “by the end of term, I was struggling just turning in bed and walking up the stairs at home.”

Fast-forward to the birth and Brian was born naturally – that is not a typo – after a seven hour labour, with just gas for pain relief. Weighing about the same as a five-month-old, the 6.06kg and 57cm long bub makes Natashia one powerful mama.

Congratulations to the family and big cuddles all round!

(h/t  Herald Sun)

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