14 Valentine’s Day picks for little sweethearts

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Sapling Child Blue Heart bloomers

Valentine’s Day, the international day of lurrrrve, is just around the corner, so here are 14 love-ly gift ideas to help you show your little love muffins just how much they mean to you.

1. BFF bling

Valentine's Day - Meri Meri BFF Bracelet

Meri Meri BFF Bracelet ($18.95): This sweet bracelet will show her just how close you two really are. Best friends forever!

2. Beach date for two

Valentine's Day - Mini Sandcrabs SS Sunsuit Swimwear

Mini Sandcrabs Sunsuits ($44.95): These colourful sunsuits and a day on the beach together = the perfect Valentine’s Day date.

3. Eat Play Love

Valentine's Day - Buddy Bear Eat Play Love Plate

Buddy and Bear ‘Eat Play Love’ Plate ($16.95): Eat, play, love and repeat.  This plate will keep priorities in check from a young age.

4. I heart you

Valentine's Day - Skip Hop Backpack Set Hearts

Skip Hop Heart Backpack Set ($69.95):  Complete with a matching lunch box, this adorable backpack set makes the perfect gift for a little possum that might be having trouble leaving mama behind to go to daycare/kinder or school.

5. Mama bear loves you

Valentine's Day - Bespoke Moments Panda Love Family Print

Bespoke Moments Panda Love Family Print (from $24.95): A unisex monochrome print that perfectly captures the love mama bear has for her cubs.

6. All emojinal

Valentine's Day - Seed Heritage Flip Sequin Heart Dress

Seed Heritage Flip Sequin Stripe Dress ($49.95): You know it’s true love when the emoji heart eyes make an appearance.

7. Let love bloom(ers)

Sapling Child Blue Heart bloomers

Sapling Child Blue Heart Bloomers ($12.95): What could make a baby tooshie even cuter? These sweet heart appliquéd bloomers, that’s what! (Other colours available.)

8. Rainbow connection

Valentine's Day - Rainbow Hearts Garland

Etsy Rainbow Felted Heart Garland (from $25): This unisex rainbow garland will brighten your lil’ Valentine’s day.

9. Hugs and kisses

Valentine's Day - Spatz Personalised blanket and onesie

Spatz Mini Peeps XOXO Personalised Baby Gift Set (from $49.95): Smothering someone else’s baby in a bazillion hugs and kisses could be seen as slightly excessive; gift them one of these personalised onesie and wrap gift sets instead.

10. Sweeeeeet!

Valentine's Day - Sunnylife Icy Pole Moulds

Sunnylife Heart Icy Pole Moulds ($19.95): The way to a toddler’s heart is via their stomach, especially true if you are serving up delicious icy pole treats!

11. Circle of love

Valentine's Day - White Fox and Co Heart Blanket

White Fox & Co Heart Round Blanket ($110): This reversible heart blanket will wrap them in love.

12. Two hearts

Valentine's Day Picks - Etsy Glitter Heart Earrings

Etsy Glitter Heart Earrings ($12): Love is grand and colourful just like these acrylic rainbow glitter heart earrings.

13. Love and luck

Valentine's Day - Frankie and Taj onesie

Frankie & Taj Love & Luck SS Onesie ($30): Your little rocker will score all the babes in this organic cotton onesie.

14. All you need is love

Valentine's Day - Adairs Love LED Strip Lighting

Adairs Kids Love LED Strip Lighting ($99): Your love will shine brightly over your little sweetheart thanks to this bold neon light feature.

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