The IAPBA best birth photos of 2017 announced

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Mother holding a newborn baby at birth

Bringing a child into the world is an emotional, intense and words-can’t-quite-explain-it experience. From the time that first contraction kicks in, to the moment a newborn takes their first breath, childbirth pushes a woman to achieve the incredible. Go us!

To capture all that power and passion, the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers brings together breath-taking images of labour, delivery and newborn life. And once a year they select the most awe-inspiring, unique and beautiful photos of the lot.

Here are the winners of their 2017 Image of the Year Competition – the best birth photos filled with strength, determination and love at first sight- and some of our favourites from the runners up. Because too many glorious birth photos are never enough!

First place winner: Road to Deliverance

birth photo jaydene freund

via Jaydene Freund – Cradled Creations

Best Labour: Determination

Birth photo Katie Mathis photography
via Katie Mathis Photography

Best Delivery: With a Splash

birth photo elizabeth farnsworth

via Elizabeth Farnsworth Photography

Best Postpartum: Straight From Heaven

birth photo natasha hance
via Natasha Hance – Birth Unscripted

Best Birth details: Pieces of Me

birth photo kourtnie scholz
via Kourtnie Scholz – KEDocumentary

Honourable mention: Gentle Caesarean Birth

Belle Verdiglione Photograph
via Belle Verdiglione Photography

Honourable mention: Surprise Babe

KimBerly E. Photography

via KimBerly E. Photography

Honourable mention: You are so Loved!

Rebecca Coursey Photographer
via Rebecca Coursey Photographer + Doula

Honourable mention: Rapture

Katie Mathis Photography
via Katie Mathis Photography

For more inspiring birth photos, take a look at past winners of the Image of the Year Competition along with the other Honourable Mentions for 2017.

And if you have an amazing birth photo you’d like to share, get in touch!

(Top image Joyful Finale Elise Hurst Photography)


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