14 insulated lunch boxes to keep food fresh all day long

skip hop owl lunch bag

Transform the standard Vegemite sandwich into a thing of beauty with some help from a cool, colourful lunch box. With insulation on the inside and inspirational prints on the outside, there are designs to make every mum and kid happy.

Throw in roomy lunch box interiors, eco-friendly features, easy-to-clean surfaces and that whole ‘avoiding spoilt food’ thing, and we’ve got ourselves a range of lunch boxes worth cheering for.

Here are 14 insulated lunch bags keeping school lunches fresh and cool all day long.

1. PackIt

packit insulated lunch bag

Freeze, pack and go, go, go with these bright PackIt Mini Lunch Bags ($34.95). They cool for up to 10 hours to take tykes through the school day and onto their pre-dinner snack.

2. Gooie

gooie insulated lunch box

There’s fun to be had with the good folk at Gooie. Their Bug Lunchbox, Small Lunchbox, Medium Lunchbox and XL Lunchbox are all insulated for munching pleasure (from $29.99).

3. Beatrix New York

beatrix new york insulated lunch box

A big apple might go inside this Beatrix New York Lunch Bag ($39.95), but it’s the appliquéd designs up-front that really make kids smile. Like a big robot. And can they go in the top of the dishwasher? Affirmative.

4. Bixbee

Bixbee Insulated Lunch Bags

Bixbee lunch boxes ($29.95) have an insulated main compartment, easy-grab zip pulls and come in positively wild prints like Dino Camo and Sassy Spot Leopard. Grrrr-eat.

5. Penny Scallan Design

penny scallan design insulated lunch box

The choice, the choice! With thermal lined School Lunch Boxes, Backpack Lunch Boxes, Lunch Pails, and Snack Bags, there’s a lot to love about Penny Scallan Designs’ cooling range (from $19.95).

6. 3 Sprouts

3 sprouts insulated lunch bags

Pump up the metallics and pack a snail for lunch (haha). 3 Sprouts lunch bags ($39.95) are a great fit for fresh food in a flash.

7. Skip Hop

Skip Hop lunchies

The Skip Hop Zoo Lunchies ($24.95) ain’t just colourful, they’re cute to boot. Kids can invite them to a picnic or have a giggle taking a dog (or shark) to school.

8. Bobble Art

Bobble art insulated lunch bag cars travel

Thanks to Bobble Art Lunch Boxes ($29.95), school snacks will be fresh as a flower gently resting on a deer’s ear.

9. Petit Collage

Petit collage lunch boxes insluated

Petit Collage Eco-Friendly lunch bagsb ($39.95) are made from cotton canvas with a biodegradable coating, to give mums the warm fuzzies while chilling kids’ food. Their nature-themed prints take us to a happy place too.

10. Go Green Lunch Box

Go Green insulated covers for bento boxes

Cool the planet one bento lunch at a time with this Go Green Lunch Box Set ($65). It comes with five food compartments, an insulated fabric carrier, gel freezer pack, and – wait, there’s more – a drink bottle.

11. SoYoung

soyoung insulated lunch box

Rocking raw linen and retro-inspired designs, the SoYoung Lunch Box range ($36.95) looks clean and is easy to clean. Just remove the leak-proof insulated insert and throw the case in the washing machine. Yay.

12. Stephen Joseph

Stephen Joseph Lunch Box

Two lunch box styles, one wonderfully cool school lunch! Stephen Joseph ($29.95) is all about colourful prints for happy little chappies and chapettes.

13. Bentology

Bentology Insulated lunch Bags and boxes

The Bentology Insulated Lunch Bag ($34.95) has got it going on for style and function. It’s a great fit for the school bag and that many penguins has to be an icy omen.

14. Kmart

kmart unicorn insulated lunch box

Tykes with a smaller backpack need a slimline lunchbox, and this beauty from Kmart ($10) is bang on trend for unicorns, affordability and narrow spaces. Just 8.8cm deep and complete with tidy lunch containers, it’s magic.

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