Magical rainbow unicorn bark

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recipe rainbow unicorn bark

What the world needs now is love, love, love – and don’t forget the magical rainbow unicorn bark!

This no-bake treat from Hello, Wonderful is colourful, sweet and soooo much fun to make with the mini-chefs. Suddenly us mere mortals can ride the unicorn food trend, mix up rainbows on the kitchen counter and generally make magic happen.

All of which sounds brilliant!

To pull off this culinary masterpiece, just melt white candy (or white chocolate), colour some of it pink and ripple the two hues together on a tray.

Then it’s up to the kiddies to add rainbow cereal, rainbow sour straps and rainbow sprinkles to the top. Refrigerate until hard, snap it into pieces and dinner is served! Ah, just joking.

recipe rainbow unicorn bark

Pair this technicolour treat with unicorn macarons, add it to unicorn popcorn, pile it on a unicorn hot chocolate and eat your bambino’s weight in unicorn bark. Jokes! More jokes!

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