Birth story: mum on painkillers forgets she’s given birth

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mum forgets giving birth to baby

Ok, we’ve heard of forgetting the milk, forgetting someone’s birthday and forgetting to pick up the kids from school (confession time …), but forgetting that you’ve given birth is quite the achievement!

Incredibly, Tisha Heffron was so high on painkillers after her delivery that she forgot all about her son Clay popping into the world. In a hilarious video exchange between the new mum and her husband James, Tisha is told that she’s given birth and asks incredulously, “TO WHO?”

Tisha then confuses the new baby with her 15-month-old son, Jackson. Don’t take any offence though, Clay, because later on Mummy can’t quite place Daddy either. First, she asks if he’s her mum, then, “Are you my brother?”. Ummm … no … husband, actually.

Seeking a bit more info about the ‘surprise’ birth, Tisha asks James, “What’d I do?”

“Ummm … you pushed out a kid,” he explains rightly enough. Keeping things kooky, Tisha then assumes that the newborn came out of her belly button and [BLEEEEEEP] asks where her vajayjay is!

Geez, morphine sure packs a punch, because that’s the body part you’re most likely to remember after a natural birth!

Struggling to keep his giggles on the down low, James told The Sun, “I was torn between trying not to laugh and making sure Tisha didn’t stand up … This went on for at least ten minutes before she fell asleep again.”

We don’t have to keep a straight face, though! Check out all the funny mummy moments in this edited YouTube clip below.

You can see the whole hilarious lot in James’ own unedited Tisha after Baby video.

All’s well that ends well

Fortunately, the mummy memory loss was a momentary blip. James says, “Once Tisha had woken up from her drug induced hibernation she was fully cogent … Straightaway she remembered Clay and the whole birth process … That was a relief.”

Not a pain relief, luckily!

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