Oopsies! The sparkliest little girl on Facebook

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glitter girl Facebook video

A light dusting of glitter makes for a happy, shiny day, but we all know that ‘light dusting of glitter’ is a strange and other-worldly concept for most kids.

Small people just don’t believe in moderation when it comes to the sparkly stuff and a Facebook post from a dad called Josh Pierce is a case in point!

Nudging 10 million views, the video shows his daughter Norah holed up in the family bathroom. The door opens and ta-da, glitter, glitter everywhere, in her nose and in the air!

Little Norah has gone to town sprinkling glitter alllll over herself and the floor, and her Dad’s right, “There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.”

Norah explains to her parents, “I’ve got beautiful glitter on … I just wanted to put glitter on my face” before having a look at herself in the mirror and doing the sparkliest sneeze ever. Hey, glitter is tickly!

Her mum Jessica asks, “Norah, what did we say about the glitter?” to which the little fairy replies, “Don’t put the glitter on.”

Indeeeeed, although no parent can be mad when they’re bedazzled, and this little girl is so darn adorable. Messy like a toddler , but adorable.

It looks like Mum and Dad need some cleaning tips to make everything normal again!


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