How to cut ironing time by 80 per cent – Meet Flippr

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Flippr ironing board

Every Mum remembers gazing at a row of little onesies hanging on the clothesline for the first time. It’s the most joy you’ll ever feel about a load of washing. But the bubble bursts when you realise just how much of your life as a new mum is spent in the laundry. So. Much. Washing.

A new crowdfunded invention promises to cut your ironing time by a whopping 80 per cent – at least for all your big people clothes. And as a mum pressed for time, every little bit counts! Unless you’re the wash-and-wear type, in which case you’ve already found your own genius way to save on ironing time. Don’t do it!

The Flippr gives the humble ironing board a radical makeover. Apparently, we’ve been sweating over the same ol’ style of ironing board since 1892. Your great-grandmothers pressed their clothes pretty much the same way you do, except their irons most likely were heated by fire! Irons have changed just a little bit since then (yay electricity!), so it’s time the board caught up.

The trick to the Flippr is in the name – the board is double sided and can be flipped to make the most of your ironing surface. No more dragging shirts on and off to press them. Just slip them over the board, iron, flip, iron and you’re done.

Flippr ironing board 2

The catch is it’s not cheap. Setting you back $150, we’re guessing if you’re a towel-on-the-table ironing ‘bored’ type then this one’s probably not for you. But if you secretly iron your undies, towels and pillowcases (you know who you are), we bet you’re ready to steam up the windows. Just get in quick – the Flippr has smashed its crowd funding targets several times over.

And here’s the best bit. If you’re a mum, as a special today-only Valentine’s Day treat, you get this fella free with your Flippr to do the actual ironing for you. Ha, we wish! But get your own partner ironing and you’ve just saved 100 per cent of your time. Win!

Watch the video to see the Flippr in action:

Convinced you must have one? Then you’ll be glad to know that the Flippr can be preordered now for delivery to Australia in March 2017.


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