Walk on LEGO without swearing

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Leaving tiny pieces of Lego camouflaged on the carpet is an official part of kids’ parent-hazing ritual. They do it to keep our morale low so we’ll say yes when they demand things like abolishing bedtime and having icypoles dipped in Nutella for dinner.

If you’ve never felt the sharp plastic corner of a Lego block sink into the meat of your foot, it’s only a matter of time. But we’ve found a way to fight back: Skinners footwear.

Skinners itself can’t decide whether it’s a sock or a shoe, but because of its marvellous foot-protecting properties, we don’t care what it is.

Comfortable enough to wear around the house (and durable enough to wear outside), you can keep your Skinners on all day to ward off rogue Lego pieces. In hot weather, Skinners roll up flat and fit neatly in your pocket so you can pop them on when walking across especially Lego booby-trap riddled parts of the house: kids’ rooms, the lounge room carpet.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1d4gXIr6h0E]

Skinners was successfully crowdfunded last year, and as part of the campaign, there’s a video of a man jumping and landing hard on a pile of Lego. No tricks here folks, just 100 per cent foot protection goodness.

We suppose non-parents find good use for Skinners too. They simulate barefoot movement which helps with balance and they’re good for activities like walking, cycling and running. Although the campaign suggests Skinners would be good for weightlifting too, my puny muscles tell me I might need a bit more foot protection than a sock if I’m going to risk lifting a barbell above my head.

Skinners’ Indiegogo campaign finished in July 2016. We’ll have to wait a few more months before they’re ready for sale.

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